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Žilková’s new boyfriend is married, said the enraged wife – Pluska


yesterday 16:00 Czech actress Veronika Žilková (60) after the difficult months since her breakup with the ambassador and ex-minister Martin Stropnický (65) shines with satisfaction again. Her heart burned with love for rocker Pep Holomač (62), one of the founding members of the group Argema. She talked about her new relationship to the ShowTime program on Prima television. “The good news is that I’m alive again,” she said. “It’s great when life brings you together with someone who is the same age and you have a lot of similar experiences,” she added, perhaps alluding to the fact that her ex-partner Stropnický ” ran into” a thirty-year-old girl. You can read more here: Read more Žilková is in love! After the collapse of her marriage with an ex-minister, she packed up… Well, that’s quite a difference! However, as usual, life is not a fairy tale and even Žilková’s beginnings with Holomač are not completely without clouds. Rocker is married, and his still-wife Martina spoke to the website. Her statements are quite stinging. “Mr. Holomač is not a friend of Ms. Žilková, but her temporary lover, since he is married and he definitely does not intend to divorce because of her,” she claims. said lady. Read more Slap in the courtroom! Žilková did not expect such a thing from her husband Stropnický in her dream “Ms. Žilková should also think about her behavior. I am very sorry that her husband broke up with her, but she ends up doing the same thing, destroying a marriage that has been functioning until now. Even though I am concerned about their she had suspected the relationship for some time, I still believed that it was a purely friendly relationship,” explains Martina Holomáčová. Žilková is already bragging about her new boyfriend on social media, and they even had time to attend the social premiere. Hand in hand, they came to the Lucerna cinema in Prague for the ceremony screening of the film Together, in which the actress plays the role of the mother of an autistic boy. Holomačová has a problem with the public presentation of lovers. Read more Didn’t she blow the whistle? Žilková let her 16-year-old daughter on the red carpet with her ass exposed “Moreover, I wasn’t even informed in advance that Mrs. Žilková is going to publish this relationship in the media. So you can certainly understand that it was a shock for me to learn such a thing from the media and from my friends and my family. She caused me public shame and humiliation not only in my personal life, but also in my professional life,” he told forcefully. But each side has two coins. Žilková is still officially married and has her own opinion on the situation. “We both met at a moment when we were hurt and abandoned by our partners. My divorce started recently, but Pepov’s has been going on for a year,” Žilková told the Blesk daily. PHOTO Žilková and Holomač in Lucerne in the GALLERY. If Ms. Holomačová did not like the media coverage of her husband’s relationship, the actress certainly did not make her happy, because she brought information about her current love life to the light of day. “Both of our former partners have found a new wife. And we assume that they are happy by the side of their new women,” shocked Žilková and the new partner nodded. “Yes, I can confirm that Veronika says it exactly as it is,” said Holomáč. The actress published a picture on the social network in which she is sitting with her new partner at a wine and beer establishment. “The two are celebrating their 17th birthday in divorce proceedings (Žilková’s daughter Kordula had them, editor’s note), the success of the film Together and the courage to continue together despite the blows they received from their partners,” she added to the photo, which you can find in the GALLERY. Read more Žilková had an affair with director Menzel, she quacked details: Widow Olga can’t think of her name!



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