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Olona says that she has support and money to create a party but that she will not


He has wished the greatest success “to those who are activating the machinery to grind meat”, in clear allusion to the leadership of Vox “It will be the Spaniards who tell me when I am going home, so I continue with the path I had traced” , says the former Vox deputy Vox kicks Olona out: will she set up a new party? The former Vox deputy Macarena Olona said this Friday in Murcia that she will not lead any political party, “despite having the funding, which I appreciate, and having heard the voices that have asked me to step forward, and despite being able to do so”. Olona gave a conference in the auditorium of the University of Murcia, and fifty people called by the Student Assembly of Murcia have demonstrated at the gates against him. The State attorney told journalists shortly before the event that “it will be the Spaniards who will tell me when I am going home, so I continue along the path I had outlined and that ace I wanted to tour with Vox, and I continue (…) without being a threat to Vox, for whom I can only wish him the best, because I have no intention of harming him.” The former leader of Vox has reiterated that “it would be a real irresponsibility at the present time” to form a new party in Spain because it would mean fragmenting a political board “that what is least needed at this time in the interest of the Spanish is greater fragmentation”. In addition, he wished the greatest success “to those who they are activating the machinery to grind meat”, in a clear allusion to the Vox leadership, which has closed the door to a possible return to the party, and has assured that he will travel “all of Spain walking to be next to the Spanish and with the two feet; the right and the left”. “Today the Spanish know that if I am not in Vox it is not by my will, and today I no longer carry with me the burden that made me feel that I had abandoned the people who saw hope in me and who they saw themselves represented”, he added. Rebuked before his conference in Murcia Organized by the recently created Spanish Institute for Political Studies, this conference in Olona was entitled “The defense of rights and freedoms through the Constitutional Court: the unconstitutionality of the states of alarm”, the same one that he pronounced last Thursday in Granada. Before this afternoon’s act in Murcia, the UMU Student Assembly, a platform of different political sensitivities, has called a concentration at 6:00 p.m. :30 hours a hundred meters from the conference venue, in the Plaza de la Merced campus, with the slogan “Fascists out of the public.” Olona, ​​who did not achieve the expected results nor managed to enter the Government or Andalusian and went to the opposition in the Autonomous Chamber, he announced at the end of July that he was leaving politics for health reasons, a thyroid problem that was diagnosed in time and that he has already overcome, as he has confessed today.



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