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A very cold night awaits us. Frost will also occur in the lowlands –


The wave of cold weather that has prevailed here for the entire past week will culminate tonight. There is a threat of ground frost in many places, but it will also freeze higher up from the ground. During today’s cold air, the center of the high pressure area moved over our area towards the Balkans. In addition, the edge of the high pressure trough continued to reach us from the northeast. While it warmed up slightly during the day and the snow line moved above 1600 m, it will still be cold at night. So much so that the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute has issued a ground frost warning for almost all of Slovakia. Weather forecast for the night from Friday to Saturday Mostly cloudy to cloudy skies will prevail. Fog or low cloudiness will form locally over Nadran, especially in the east. Today, the autumnal equinox has arrived and the autumnal weather is making itself known. Therefore, especially on the roads, be careful. It will be cold. Compared to the long-term average, the temperatures during the night will be lower by more than 5 °C. The difference in night temperatures compared to the long-term average, source: Expect frost Night temperatures will mostly drop to +7 °C to +2 °C. In the valleys and on Hont in places +2 °C to -2 °C. At the same time, there is a threat of ground frost in almost the entire territory of Slovakia. Temperatures on the ground can drop to -4 °C. This is a phenomenon that occurs more and more often with the arrival of autumn. However, it can damage lower vegetation. Temperature on the ground on Saturday, September 24 at 03:00, source: Temperatures will rise slightly During Saturday, the temperature in the warmest locations will rise above +20 °C. However, daily temperatures will not rise significantly in the coming days. Because of that, the night frosts should subside for a few days. We will inform you in detail in the next few days.



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