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Minister Hirman: Such a tsunami, which is coming at us from the outside, has not been here since the Second World War – Denník N


The new Minister of Economy, Karel Hirman, expects that SaS deputies will also vote for the government’s measures against high energy prices. In an interview with Denník E, he reminds politicians from all “democratic” parties that regardless of party affiliation, we all have “our family, factories, neighbors” here. The energy crisis is such a big threat to the whole country that, according to him, the adoption of measures is necessary to preserve democracy and security. “If it is a reasonable proposal that will improve something, I can agree with it after a substantive discussion at the committee, regardless of whether it comes from any member of parliament,” he says. “When voting in the parliament, I again expect a responsible approach from the democratic parties, that is, from the former coalition through the temporary opposition and once again maybe the future coalition.” Hirman claims that it is still “not a closed question” whether it will be necessary to save fifteen percent of consumption in the past or compared to the average in the tariff groups in order to obtain cheaper electricity next year. According to him, measures to help municipalities and public institutions will be added to the measures proposed so far for households. He reminds industrial companies that are also asking for help that there are also some that have managed to secure favorable contracts for energy even in today’s situation. “If they managed it, then it’s a legitimate question why not others,” he says. In the interview you will also read: what his interview for the position of Minister of Economy was like and what conditions he set for it; whether it is a problem for him if the measures to fight the energy crisis will be passed only thanks to the votes of fascists, ex-Kotlebovs and Tarabovs; why is he listed as a confidant in the ŠtB associations; how discounted electricity for households should be distributed and how much they should save should be calculated; how much electricity did Slovenské elektrárne sell abroad? New ministers Viliam Karas, Karel Hirman and Rastislav Káčer with Prime Minister Heger. Photo N – Tomáš Benedikovič What conditions did you set yourself when you agreed to become a minister? Among those conditions, was the autonomy of your decisions on Igor Matovič? The unequivocal answer to the question formulated in this way is no. What kind of conditions did you set, because I think all people who take places like this, they set some type of conditions, what were they? I would call it a conversation. My first condition was To read, you need at least a standard subscription. Are you a subscriber? Log in



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