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Murder rue Pasteur in Mont-de-Marsan: the psychiatric profile of the suspect questions – Teller Report


The firefighters had intervened, in the middle of the morning, after a fire started. Under a tangle of furniture, they had discovered a partly charred body. The former physiotherapist had his feet bound by an extension cord and a belt around his neck. Thursday, September 22 at 8:45 a.m., at the Mont-de-Marsan police station. He was then indicted the next day. This 21-year-old Landais, whose personal effects were found at the crime scene, spontaneously admitted “his involvement, alleging a chance encounter on the evening of August 18. A meeting which would have degenerated into a fight followed by an act of strangulation, ”indicates the prosecutor, this Friday, September 23. He is known to the health services and suffers from a psychiatric condition. Olivier Djoko Simo was also hospitalized in a specialized establishment in Cadillac when he was located by the investigators. The indicted is now in pre-trial detention in Gradignan (33) for murder and degradation of property of others by dangerous means. Two convictions Commissary, Me Chauvin, assists Olivier Djoko Simo. “I think the person I saw in custody is not quite the August one. The question of his condition at the time of the facts will be decisive and will make it possible to orient on the possible consequences or not of a trial. “The indicted has a heavy criminal record of” two convictions, in 2015 and 2022 for violence. The most recent is of a contraventional nature, ”specifies the Mons prosecutor’s office. According to our information, when he was a minor, Olivier Djoko Simo made a number of round trips to social children’s homes (Mecs). He is not very surrounded, moreover no member of his family seems to have come forward since the revelation of the facts. “In this kind of case, when faced with a person who is out of care, the question arises of who to inform because we end up with a bomb in the wild. The important thing is also to know if the absence of this follow-up is due to a medical deficiency or to the voluntary flight of the person from the medical world”, specifies Me Chauvin.



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