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Manuel Bompard denounces “a bad controversy” after his remarks on the slap


After calling for “nuance” concerning Adrien Quatennens who admitted to having slapped his wife, several left-wing personalities strongly criticized Manuel Bompard. The rebellious deputy explains himself, claiming to have “remembered only fundamental principles”. The controversy in the controversy. After judging this Friday morning that a slap was not “equal to a man who beats his wife every day”, Manuel Bompard came under heavy criticism from the majority. The left also scolded him, five days after Adrien Quatennens admitted to having slapped his wife. “I never said or thought that a slap was not serious. It’s a fact serious and unacceptable and I recalled it this morning in my remarks”, advances the deputy La France insoumise in a text posted on Twitter this Friday, denouncing a “bad controversy”. “I do not minimize” The chosen one close to Jean- Luc Mélenchon was severely reprimanded after remarks made a few hours earlier on CNEWS.”Adrien Quatennens recognized (the facts) and said that they were not acceptable. So I do not minimize them. Afterwards, I try to separate things. A slap is never acceptable but a slap is not equal to a man who beats his wife every day”, he explained then. On LCI, the EELV deputy Sandrine Rousseau thus recalled that “a slap to his spouse (was) a crime”. “That’s what we have to move because all these words are words that minimize the acts,” she said. “A slap is not equal to a person who is accused of rape””Shut up, now! That’s enough!!”, added Marlène Schiappa, former Secretary of State for Gender Equality in a tweet, judging that these remarks “do considerable harm to the fight for the protection of women against violence”. In his demonstration this Friday, Manuel Bompard relied on the case of Damien Abad. “A slap is not equal to a person who is accused of rape after having drugged the people who In any case, these are the charges brought against him”, he explained. Damien Abad left the government last July, accused of rape by four women. He is currently under investigation for attempted rape.” A slap will not be punished as severely as repeated blows “Manuel Bompard is now trying to extinguish the storm, sticking to recalling “fundamental principles in law” such as the ” proportionality” and “individualization” of penalties, allowing “to adapt responses and sanctions”. he on his Twitter account. “I know that situations of domestic violence often start with a slap. I never said it, and I never thought it. And those who say that deceive and thereby trivialize an act of domestic violence”, still defends Manuel Bompard. Adrien Quatennens is now withdrawn from “parliamentary work”. His resignation is not on the agenda, assured Mathilde Panot, the president of the group in the National Assembly.



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