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At least 77 migrants die in the sinking of a boat from Lebanon


A shipwreck off the Syrian coast has claimed at least 77 lives, Syrian authorities said on Friday. The boat, which left from northern Lebanon, was carrying, according to the survivors, between 120 and 150 people. Twenty people were hospitalized, but the search continues to find the missing. The toll is already dramatic, and it continues to grow. At least 77 people died Thursday, September 22, in the sinking of their boat off the city of Tartous, in western Syria. A previous toll reported 53 dead. According to Syrian Health Minister Hassan al-Ghabach “20 people are being treated at Al-Basel Hospital,” he said in a statement. Among those rescued were five Lebanese, Lebanese Transport Minister Ali Hamie told AFP earlier. “According to some survivors, the boat left the Minié region in northern Lebanon on Tuesday, carrying 120 and 150 people,” said Syrian Ports Director General Samer Kbrasli. A first body, that of a young man, was discovered near the island of Arwad, opposite the city of Tartus, the official said, adding that a child is among the victims, without specifying his age. .The boat was wrecked off the Syrian town of Tartous. Credit: Google maps Efforts to find possible survivors of the sinking are still ongoing. The search covers “a vast area that stretches along the entire Syrian coast”, according to an official from the Syrian Ministry of Transport, Sleiman Khalil, saying that high waves were complicating rescue operations. A Russian army helicopter is also flying over the area in search of survivors. Lebanese navigation expert Mohamed Nour said the boat was most likely heading for Cyprus. “The routes taken by the previous boats to Italy avoided sailing north, along the Syrian coast” “Living a normal life” For several months, boats loaded with candidates for exile have been leaving the northern coast Lebanese to Europe, to escape the serious economic crisis that is shaking the country. Proof of this increase in departures at sea: the boom in the sale of wooden fishing boats, “especially boats that can carry 150 people or more”, assures InfoMigrants Mohamed Nour. My brother “could not cover his expenses or school fees for his children,” Ahmad, the brother of a survivor currently hospitalized, from Akkar, a poor region in northern Lebanon, told AFP. The bodies of her two daughters, aged five and nine, were flown back to the country and buried on Friday. The mother of the two girls, as well as their two brothers are still missing. “My brother had no future in this country, also lamented a young man to InfoMigrants, from Lebanon. He had two options: to die for two years, he has been looking for work, and with the deteriorating economic conditions, it has even become difficult for him to buy bread to feed his children”. And to add:[Dans ce pays] we die a thousand times a day [et on survit] without electricity, without water, without education, without medicines, without work, without health insurance… The list is long. What we want is to live a normal life.” In Bab al-Raml, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, the family of Moustafa, another shipwreck victim Moustafa, mourning his death, told AFP that Moustafa paid the smugglers between $3,000 and $5,000 after selling his car and borrowing money from his brothers. His mother even sold her jewelry to help him.A taxi driver, “Moustafa did not dream of obtaining another nationality, but simply of enrolling his children in school and feeding them”, he said. he said. He perished at sea with his three children. Only his wife survived. Repeated shipwrecks On this dangerous route in the Mediterranean Sea, tragedies are regular. On September 13, the Turkish coast guard announced the death of six migrants, including two babies, and rescued 73 people who were trying to reach Europe, off the coast of Mugla province, in the south- western Turkey. According to Ankara, these migrants would have embarked from the Lebanese port of Tripoli, and had been turned back by the Greek coast guard near the island of Rhodes. On April 24, a boat sank, five kilometers from the port from Tripoli. The very evening of the tragedy, seven bodies had been found – including that of a young girl – and 48 survivors had been recovered. On August 26, the remains of at least seven other people were found by a submarine 450 meters deep. The boat was carrying a total of 80 migrants – Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians – who were trying to reach Italy. >> To (re) read: Mediterranean: a boat of 250 migrants, leaving Lebanon, finally rescued off the coast of MaltaAccording to the UN, at least 38 boats carrying more than 1,500 people have illegally left or attempted to leave Lebanon by sea since 2020.Ahmed, a Palestinian refugee from the Beddawi Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon, is preparing he too, despite the dangers, to take to the sea. “I will be called crazy by some, and brave by others, he assures InfoMigrants. .”



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