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“Sextape” blackmail in Saint-Etienne: implicated in the Perdriau affair, deputy Samy Kéfi-Jérôme announces his resignation


Gaël Perdriau, September 18, 2022. OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP Samy Kéfi-Jérôme, one of the deputy mayors of Saint-Etienne (Les Républicains) implicated in the case of political blackmail at the “sextape” which has shaken the city since the end of August, announced Friday, September 23 to have resigned from his mandates in the city and the metropolis of Saint-Etienne. “This morning I submitted my resignation from my mandates as municipal councilor and metropolitan councilor [à la préfète de la Loire] and I informed the mayor of it, ”wrote the municipal education assistant in a press release. In the turmoil since the confessions of a former close to the municipality on a “daub of morals” dating back to 2015, Mayor Gaël Perdriau (LR) for his part decided Thursday to delegate his representative functions to the metropolis and the town hall for the sake of returning to “serenity”. Earlier this week, the 50-year-old elected official had already dismissed his chief of staff, also under fire from critics because of his alleged role in the blackmail. Read also: Article reserved for our subscribers In Saint-Etienne, the shock wave of the Perdriau affair “A deep injustice” The affair broke out at the end of August when the Mediapart site published the detailed confessions of the former companion of Mr. Kéfi-Jérôme on the set of a compromising video, sponsored according to him by the mayor and his entourage to neutralize the former centrist first deputy, Gilles Artigues. According to him, the operation was remunerated through fictitious services invoiced to two cultural associations subsidized by the town hall. Gaël Perdriau was placed in police custody on September 13, along with his informer, his education assistant and his chief of staff. “I deplore the personal attacks to which I am subject and note that the conditions for the exercise of my functions are no longer met”, underlines Samy Kéfi-Jérôme in his press release on Friday, stressing that he lives “like a profound injustice”. the charges against him. The 42-year-old elected member had sat on the municipal council of Saint-Etienne since 2014, the date of the election of Gaël Perdriau at the head of this city in full industrial decline. He did not resign from his functions on the regional council but had been suspended, at the end of August, from his functions as digital strategy delegate by the president of the region, Laurent Wauquiez (LR). Read also: Blackmail at the “sextape” in Saint-Etienne: the mayor, Gaël Perdriau, targeted by an exclusion procedure by Les Républicains Le Monde with AFP



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