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THeMIS: Top transporters travel to Ukraine. They don’t need a crew! – The truth


THeMys is controlled by a remote operator and various weapons can be attached to it. It moves by itself and can be chained into caravans, because each of them can walk exactly “in the footsteps” of the first one. Photo: Milrem Robotics THeMIS is an Estonian unmanned armored personnel carrier with a modular design. The Estonian company Milrem Robotics has been developing THeMis for several years and is currently in its fifth generation. Behind this acronym is actually the Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System, or an unmanned system designed for ground operations. In other words – an intelligent unmanned armored personnel carrier with a hybrid drive, which also has a modular design and can be easily rebuilt. It is so successful that so far Millren Robotics has delivered it to a total of 11 countries, it is also in service in 7 NATO countries. In addition to Estonia, it belongs to Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, and the USA. And now several pieces are traveling to Ukraine in the transport version, because they do not want to send weapons there. But it is not a problem to add them to the transporter thanks to its modular architecture. They can help the Ukrainians precisely in the form of grenade launchers, rocket launchers and mortars. Ukrainians will especially like remote control, which can save human lives during transport or attack. However, they will officially get a “cargo version”. This is important because it allows supplies to be carried and equipment in combat is often difficult for dismounted units. Due to the physical limitations of soldiers, significant compromises often have to be made in the choice of equipment and heavy weapons – and these can sometimes be decisive. The Cargo version of THeMys is intended for transporting equipment and weapons. Its huge advantage, which additionally increases safety, is that it drives alone, it does not need any crew. It has several sensors, including lidar. It does not move to the chosen destination completely by itself, it is controlled by an operator who can sit safely up to one and a half kilometers from the transporter or caravan. Another advantage of these transporters is that each one follows automatically the one in front of it and thus a caravan can be created from them. THeMIS – technical specification Maximum speed 20 km/h Length x width x height 240 × 200 × 115 cm Weight 1630 kg Payable weight 750 kg Maximum payable weight 1200 kg Gradeability 60% Side inclination 30% Ground clearance 40 to 60 cm Traction force 15,000 N Running time – hybrid up to 15 hours Running time – on electricity up to 1.5 hours Lead-acid or li-ion battery Drive Diesel engine and electric generator Distance from the operator up to 1.5 km



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