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Nagui and Mélanie Page: The face of their daughter Roxane revealed, the superb young girl lookalike of her mother! – Pure People


Very pretty, the young girl notably posted a lot of vacation photos this summer, where she seems to have taken advantage of the south of France, in particular by multiplying the dives in the Mediterranean. On the other hand, there is no question for her of posting photos of her brothers and sisters, who are still very young, nor of her half-sister, Nina, older than her. The young girl, born in 1997 from the union between Nagui and her first companion, Marine Vignes, is a little better known for the moment than her little sister and looks, as for her, much more like their father. The eldest of the family, however, had not accompanied her brothers and sisters to see France win this Thursday, surely busy elsewhere or with her mother. The children, still very discreet in the media landscape, on the other hand do not seem really embarrassed by the notoriety of their parents, as their mother had explained in Current Woman recently. “My notoriety is less disturbing than that of their father. But they grew up like that, they knew nothing else. They would certainly have been different if their parents had not been known, but that’s part of their history. today,” she recalled. And the 47-year-old actress also plays an important role for her daughter-in-law, as the host had confided: “Mélanie is at the same time: perfect wife, mistress, friend with whom I go to football, confidante. And then mother. She not only taught me how to educate our children, I also changed, thanks to her, my behavior with Nina, my first daughter. Mélanie became for her an exceptional mother-in-law.”



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