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According to Bloomberg, Volkswagen could in the case – Denník N


According to Bloomberg, Volkswagen could move production from Germany and Eastern Europe in the event of a gas shortage. The agency, which appealed to the representatives of the company, reminds by name that the Czech Republic and Slovakia are dependent on Russian gas. The Volkswagen Slovakia plant is the largest enterprise in Slovakia in terms of sales. A spokesman for Volkswagen said that southwest Europe or coastal parts of northern Europe, where there is better access to maritime supplies of liquefied gas, could benefit from the shift in production. Volkswagen already produces cars in Portugal, Spain and Belgium, that is, in countries that have LNG terminals. The automaker also expressed concern about the consequences of high gas prices on auto parts suppliers. “Politicians must limit the current uncontrolled expansion of gas and electricity prices,” said Thomas Steg, who is in charge of external relations at the concern. “Otherwise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises with high energy consumption will have problems in the supply chain and will have to limit or stop production,” he added. (Ctk, Bloomberg)



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