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Watch LIVE: SaS collected signatures for the motion to recall Igor Matovič | –


Updated 16:08 23/09/2022, 11:10 The motion to dismiss the Minister of Finance was signed by 32 members of the National Council. They say it is wreaking havoc on public finances and dividing society. MPs from SaS collected votes for the proposal to dismiss the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič. Unaffiliated deputies Tomáš Valášek (Progressive Slovakia), Miroslav Kollár (Together – civil democracy) and nine deputies of Hlas also signed the proposal. A total of 32 deputies gave their signatures. SaS head Richard Sulík already announced at the first session of the parliament after the summer break that they would try to recall Matovič. “Deputies will have to decide. Everyone depends on whether they think Igor Matovič is performing his duties properly or not,” said Sulík. The head of the SaS parliamentary club, Anna Zemanová, stated that the reasons for Matovič’s dismissal are constitutional, legal, political, moral and ethical. “Igor Matovič perceives the performance of the position of a member of the government and minister of finance and previously the prime minister as a one-man show, he violently enforces his ideas, he considers it an instrument of power and revenge,” declared Zemanová. The extraordinary meeting could be on Wednesday, September 28. Matovič: SaS will unashamedly join forces with the speedometers Matovič also responded to the proposal. “When I published a year ago that people in the background of politics are eminently interested in creating a Hlas+SaS+PS government… colleagues from SaS and their corrupt media launched a heavy attack… they say I’m delusional. Apparently SaS “does not plan” to associate with the SmeroHlas mafia,” he wrote on Facebook. “I have been waiting for this day because it is very important. It is a definitive confirmation that after the elections SaS will unashamedly join forces with the smireks, who organized, covered and defended all smirek frauds for 19 years… and who only falsely renamed themselves Hlas. Of course, they will complain that they can’t imagine it, but we all know the weight of such words after the experience with Bugár,” he added. According to Matovič, the future elections will be about “who will betray the mafia, who can be trusted, that they will never betray people who are responsible for the total robbery of Slovakia or the death of Ján and Martina.” He added that OĽaNO with Smer and Hlas will never coalition will not work. Zemanová responded that they were not interested in the votes of Smer MPs and did not ask them to support this proposal. Hlas considers Igor Matovič to be the biggest evil in Slovak politics. “He is responsible for the destruction of the state. On the moral level, he divides society with his statements and uses lies as a working method. It unleashes not only personal but also cultural wars with opponents. He brought chaos and disorder into the governance of the state, many institutions are in disarray and paralyzed. Dialogue with professional groups was replaced by blackmail and the ultimate imposition of demands. There is no social and professional group that does not stand in opposition to the Matovič and Heger government today”, said Peter Pellegrini. 03:06 MPs We are a family and the opposition blocked the meeting just before the vote on the amendment to Article 363 SaS left the coalition after a long-term dispute with Igor Matovič. They demanded the departure of the Minister of Finance in order for the coalition of four to remain. Prime Minister Eduard Heger and the OĽaNO movement stopped Matovič. The head of OĽaNO later surprised when he wrote on Facebook that in case the parliament removes him from his position, SaS can return to the government. “I do not understand this status,” commented the contribution of the Minister of Finance Richard Sulík. Watch the report on the obstruction in the parliament on September 22:



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