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Development of battles (211th day): No, Russia is not rebelling against Putin, the men obediently go to the slaughterhouse – Denník N


From now on, you can also listen to the progress of the battles. The audio version is available for subscribers on the website or in the Denník N application. We always publish it with a new edition of the series. Two fresh Putin’s meannesses – the referendum and the method of mobilisation. A separate phenomenon of mobilization is widespread Russian alcoholism. The Russians still have Lyman, but the pressure on him continues. The Russians are stubbornly attacking in Donetsk. Joke of the day – the Ukrainian foreign minister expelled Lavrov from the UN. Maps of the day – Lyman and Bachmut. Videos of the day – Russian-style mobilization; how the pre-rigged referendum takes place; shooting down another Ka-52 helicopter; HIMARS fires at a surprisingly small target. Even today, we bring a summary of the situation on the battlefield compiled from information from various ministries of defense and independent analysts. It contains a summary of the situation on the battlefield compiled from information from various ministries of defense and independent analysts. The information in this text is a summary of the results of the fights for Thursday, September 22. The current situation in some places may already be different. An overview of confirmed losses is at the end of the article. Two fresh acts of Putin’s meanness. It is probably better not to be misled by images from larger Russian cities, where a few hundred people are protesting against the mobilization. And don’t overestimate the videos from the borders with neighboring countries or from the airports, where some of the better-informed and probably wealthier Russian men flee. Mobilization is in full swing in Russia, and hundreds of thousands of would-be soldiers are dutifully boarding planes, buses and trains, many of them to meet their deaths, after which they will be transformed into white ladies for the bereaved. The level of mobilization even indicates that more than the announced 300,000 new soldiers will eventually go into battle. The trade union of air traffic controllers even asked the Russian Prime Minister that its members, dozens of whom received conscription orders from Irkutsk, Kamchatka and Magadan, do not have to go to war. Otherwise, civil aviation is at risk. Videos from the regions provide more telling value than shots of a few brave and sane ones. With few exceptions, this huge unhappy country is once again submitting to its dictator. It cannot be ruled out that this article is exclusive content for Denník N subscribers. Are you a subscriber? Log in



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