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Aznar anoints Feijóo as future Prime Minister: “We will do everything possible to help you”


The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has visited the FAES Foundation directed by José María Aznar for the first time since he became president to share a talk. A whole message of internal unity now that the rest of the political formations are experiencing turbulent times. And if not, tell Abascal and his breakup with Macarena Olona. Feijóo’s former boss from the times when the Galician was in charge of Insalud and after Correos, Aznar and Feijóo have exhibited good vibes and laughter. As he did with Pablo Casado -his frustrated personal bet on him- José María Aznar has anointed the Galician as the next Prime Minister. “I think you meet all the conditions to be the next president. We will do everything possible to help you,” he said as soon as he took the floor. I think you have all the conditions to be the next president. We will do everything possible to help you (José María Aznar) As if it had not been clear enough, the moderator of the colloquium has served him the gesture on a plate asking what kind of leadership is needed in Spain. Aznar, with his presidential finger, pointed at Feijóo to applause from the attendees. The Galician has promised to have José María Aznar if he arrives at La Moncloa. “If it’s our turn to govern, I’ll tell President Aznar to give us a hand,” he said. If it’s our turn to govern, I’ll tell President Aznar to give us a hand (Alberto Núñez Feijóo) Feijóo has responded with more praise to Aznar. “Every time he has the opportunity, President Aznar accredits his support and affection. It is not a minor fact.” It is not. Since the traumatic departure of Pablo Casado from Génova, 13, José María Aznar and many of his former ministers are getting closer to the Galician now that they see La Moncloa closer. Ángel Acebes, Miguel Arias Cañete or Esperanza Aguirre were seen this past Monday in an act of Núñez Feijóo with the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno. The harmony is such that Feijóo has wanted to underline the “many things that he has in common” with Aznar and has even taken out of his pocket a photo of both of them 8 years ago at FAES. Both were presidents of autonomous communities (Castilla y León and Galicia), now of the PP and aspire to share the title of President of the Government. They also succeeded Manuel Fraga. Aznar at the head of Genoa, 13 and Feijóo in the Xunta. “Successfully and without guardianship or your aunts”, he added between laughs and that has sounded like a compromise. The fiscal model “that works” Beyond mutual praise, José María Aznar and Alberto Núñez Feijóo, have fully agreed on their recipes fiscal and economic measures to deal with runaway inflation. The leader of the PP has given the example of Aznar’s 8 years at the head of the Government. “With it, the GDP doubled, the budget balance was achieved and taxes were lowered. This is the model that works,” Feijóo assured a pleased Aznar. Both have agreed on their rejection of harmonizing taxes or demonizing the wealth tax as defends the Government of Pedro Sánchez. José María Aznar has charged especially against the tax on the rich that Minister María Jesús Montero has announced. “It is typical of a disoriented and carnivorous left,” said the former president. He has also defended the fiscal competition between autonomous communities is “absolutely healthy”, after the president of the Andalusian Government, Juan Manuel Moreno, will announce the abolition of the wealth tax, causing a fiscal battle between the PP and La Moncloa communities. . “The problem with this government is that it does not want to lower taxes on medium and low incomes,” the leader of the Popular Party insisted. “President Aznar” for Feijóo, “Alberto” for José María Aznar. It is already known that in the PP seniority is a degree. Next week Feijóo will coincide with Mariano Rajoy in Galicia, thus covering all the sensitivities of the match.



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