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Sánchez celebrates GDP growth: “It is the way to overcome such a complicated situation”


He defends that the social majority must be protected and investments must be made to modernize the economy and make it more competitive Sánchez confirms that in the face of “amnesties” there will be “fiscal reforms” so that those who have more contribute more to public finances He presumes to have given the battle in Europe and points to the objective of “preserving and strengthening” the Welfare StatePedro Sánchez, recently landed from New York where he has participated in the UN General Assembly, has welcomed the estimation of the National Institute of Statistics that the Spanish economy raised its growth of 1.5% in the second quarter of the year, four tenths above the forecasts that he himself expressed a few months ago in the debate on the state of the nation. “This encourages us because we believe that, by protecting the social majority and making investments to be able to modernize our economy and make us more competitive, is the way to overcome a situation as complicated as the one derived from Putin in Ukraine”, he stated in his speech on the tenth anniversary of ‘’ in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de València, a conference in which the Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, participated this Saturday. Sánchez highlighted that the estimate The rise in GDP is “a very important fact” to deal with the situation of “a lot of uncertainty” that Spain and the European Union are facing, “with a war at the gates of Europe as a backdrop”. A “curve” that, in his opinion, can be bent as was achieved with COVID-19. Tax reforms versus amnesties In this context, he has emphasized that “no one doubts” that the response must be different from that of the 2008 financial crisis: promoting the Welfare State instead of the bank rescue, the “indiscriminate” increases in VAT or the “amnesty and tax gifts to the wealthiest minority”. Faced with this, he has confirmed that there will be “fiscal reforms” that guarantee that those who have the most contribute to the Public Treasury to have a much stronger Welfare State.” Throughout his speech, he has mentioned “tax competition to the bottom” advocated by some regional presidents of the PP in the face of social and territorial cohesion, which, in their opinion, the Government has ensured both during the management of the pandemic and now due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine.” A response from clear progressive inspiration and, if you allow me, social democrat”, he asserted. In addition, he stressed that if Spain took a decade to recover from the financial crisis, in “barely two years” the employment data prior to the pandemic have been resumed, which in his opinion shows that it is inevitable to ask “how much pain could have been avoided with different policies” in 2008. The battle in Europe The Chief Executive has given a date as an example, that of March 26, 2 020 when the European Council met by videoconference to address the response to the pandemic. In that meeting, he stressed that he proposed a “unified, powerful and effective” response to cushion the impact of the crisis and avoid “sowing seeds of disaffection and division.” He linked it with the achievement of the ‘Iberian exception’ to gas to protect to the middle and working class and to many industries. “We gave the battle and we are giving it now to reform the electricity market”, he stressed, together with the collection of European funds Next Generation EU. “We are not postponing social achievements” He has guaranteed that the Government will not look for “excuses” not to in the ecological transition or in social policies that today are questioned in “consolidated democracies” such as the United States. “We are not postponing social conquests,” he said, predicting that Spain will be a “better country” within a decade. He also referred to the relationship with Catalonia to reiterate his intention to maintain the agenda of dialogue and “reunion to close wounds and rebuild coexistence”. “Between all of us, we are helping to truly guarantee the unity of Spain through dialogue, not through impositions or confrontation,” he proclaimed.



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