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Ukraine, Kirill: “If you die for the country, you will be next to God”


After the mobilization wanted by Russian President Vladimir Putin who sparked street protests in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill arrives to the Kremlin’s aid, urging them not to be afraid of dying in battle, while thousands of young Russians are mobilized to go to fight in Ukraine. “Go courageously to fulfill your military duty. Remember that if you die for your country, you will be with God in his kingdom, in glory and eternal life”, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said, as seen in a video broadcast by Nexta tv. Meanwhile, the Kremlin acknowledges that the Russian population had a first reaction to the announcement of the mobilization for the war in Ukraine, branding it as “hysterical and extremely emotional”. “One could still somehow understand – said the spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, in the briefing with reporters – such a hysterical and extremely emotional reaction in the first hours after the announcement, on the first day. Because there was really a certain lack. of information, which is also understandable “, said Peskov urging now to read the clarifications and clarifications received from the Defense. According to the Kremlin spokesman, in fact, already yesterday, “in accordance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers, all the information lines have already been activated. Now there is no lack of clarifications. There is the possibility to ask questions”, he added denouncing that however, “provocative and false messages on social networks” would circulate. The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, for his part has ruled out that he will be able to order the mobilization of the population for the war in Ukraine as his ally Vladimir Putin did. “There will be no mobilization, it is a lie”, he said, stating that Minsk will still respond to any attempt to undermine the country’s security. Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei also intervened to deny those who say that “Belarus is an accomplice of the aggressor or part of the conflict. We have said and continue to say that Belarus has never defended the war, but we are not traitors” he added, stating that “we have commitments with allies that we are following closely and we will respect the spirit and letter of international treaties”. “Belarus responsibly declares that no Belarusian soldiers and no equipment have been sent to Ukraine to be part of the hostilities”, he added, arguing that “all accusations against Belarus by the West are absolutely unfounded”. In the months preceding the invasion, Minsk allowed, under the guise of exercises, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers to enter its territory, soldiers who then crossed the border on 23 February last, invading Ukraine from the north.



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