NewsWorldA Supreme Court judge and the writer Bernardo Atxaga...

A Supreme Court judge and the writer Bernardo Atxaga among the 35 chosen for ‘Sumar’ with Díaz


The second vice-president, Yolanda Díaz, has presented the coordinators of the ‘Sumar’ working groups, among which are the judge of the Supreme Court Fernando Salinas or the columnist and analyst Ignacio Sánchez Cuenca, who will be in charge of formulating the programmatic proposals of the new citizen platform. These are 35 academic and technical profiles that will lead the teams, with a vocation for analysis and debate and focused on a multitude of areas –from economics and housing to feminism and youth–, who will work with an eye toward in presenting the results of this “collective work” in February. Salinas and Sánchez Cuenca, heading the Justice and Democratic Quality teams, respectively, are joined by the writer Bernardo Atxaga, who will be in charge of Culture; the researcher at the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and professor of Sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid César Rendueles y Menéndez de Llano, in charge of Welfare and Social Rights; and Yayo Herrero López, professor at the UNED and ecofeminist and ecosocialist researcher. From the political sphere, Agustín Moreno, a deputy for United We Can in the Madrid Assembly -signed by Pablo Iglesias for the 2021 Madrid elections- and the education front; and the councilor in Santiago de Compostela Marta Lois, professor of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Santiago, who will be in charge of the Care area. Since the creation of Sumar, which is now immersed in the listening process with sectors of civil society, which is also the holder of the Labor portfolio, has pointed out that the platform will have a lot to say, with its proposals, in terms of taxation, energy, the economy, the fight against climate change and a fair ecological transition, among other matters. Create a new country in a calm wayDíaz, who has been “proud” of the sectoral coordinators and has thanked them for their commitment, has claimed the need to create a “better” country, but to do it in a calm way, “not in fits and starts, jumps”. “It is not about stories or running”, he added during the presentation of the team coordinators in Madrid, before advocating “weaving a citizen movement” and “thinking about each of the tasks as pending “. Thus, she has clarified that the idea is to formulate a country project in an estimated time of a decade and has maintained that the look must be “long” and “deep”. In this context, she has warned that “the future does not accommodate electoral times.” On the contrary, ‘Sumar’ does not want to “restrict the imagination to the size of a ballot box or an electoral list”, he specified. “We need ten years and I do it now or it will not be possible”, he added, also highlighting the chosen methodology, the one she “likes” the most: “dialogue, really listening” and, if necessary, “confrontation because nothing is happening.” In the opinion of the second vice president, the project must end with a new democratic and social contract that be “green, feminist, that has young people inside, that is intergenerational”.



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