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Volkswagen may be threatened with leaving Slovakia – Startitup


Volkswagen, as the largest car manufacturer in Europe, could move production from Eastern Europe or Germany to other countries in the event of a persistent shortage of natural gas, Bloomberg reported, referring to the statement of representatives of the Volkswagen company. This is the latest signal that the Russian invasion of Ukraine may also threaten European industry. Factories in the Czech Republic, Germany, and here in Slovakia are among those most dependent on Russian gas. “A medium-term alternative is greater localization or relocation of production factories,” the head of the Volkswagen Group told Bloomberg. Germany does not expect gas shortages this winter, but fears high energy costs. Natural gas has reached 10 times its price, and many companies cannot handle this. The Volkswagen spokesman also stated that the transfer of production could be directed to southwestern Europe, or to the coastal parts of northern Europe, where there is better access to marine supplies of liquefied natural gas LNG. Volkswagen says it has made the best possible solutions and preparations for gas shortages this winter. Head of external relations Thomas Steg states that “politicians must also limit the currently uncontrolled explosion of gas and electricity prices”. If this does not happen, small energy-intensive businesses will have problems in particular, which will have to reduce or completely stop production. We also asked the spokeswoman of the Slovak car manufacturer, Lucie Kovarovič Makayová, for a statement from the Volkswagen concern and their transfer of production in the event of a persistent shortage of natural gas. “I ask for your understanding that we do not comment on concern matters from the position of the production plant,” said Lucia Kovarovič Makayová. Slovakia does not yet have any information about the transfer of production. source: VolkswagenGas supplies at risk Other alternative suppliers may end up on the Slovak energy supply market. As Radoslav Igaz, the spokesperson of the Office for the Regulation of Network Industries (ÚRSO) told SITA, the regulatory office is closely monitoring the situation on the market. 2023, some other alternative suppliers will end their activity in the field of electricity and gas supply,” said Igaz. Since the fall of last year, when one of the largest alternative energy suppliers, Slovakia Energy, went bankrupt, several suppliers have ceased their activities on the Slovak energy supply market. In the area of ​​electricity supply, 10 suppliers lost their ability to supply electricity, and in the case of gas, there were six suppliers. “The main reason for the termination of operations on the market was the loss of ability to supply electricity or gas, primarily due to an incorrect business policy of purchasing energy to ensure supplies for its contracted customers,” Igaz added. . ÚRSO currently registers 153 holders of electricity supply permits and 145 gas suppliers. However, not all of them are active on the market. “We monitor approximately 100 active electricity suppliers for vulnerable customers, including traditional electricity suppliers (ZSE, SSE, VSE and SPP). There are approximately 19 active suppliers in the supply of gas,” stated Igaz. Thanks for reading Startitup. If you have an observation or found an error in the article, write to us at [email protected] Sources: Bloomberg, official statement of Volkswagen spokeswoman, SITA



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