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Dos Hermanas and Coria will be linked by the largest bridge in Europe, with a gauge of 70.8 meters


The Government opts for the bridge on the SE-40 due to “costs, deadlines and impact” It will be the largest in Europe with a gauge of 70.8 meters A preliminary project that will have one month of allegations and another additional month for the three town councils involved The Government central opts for the option of the bridge instead of the tunnel to save the Guadalquivir. It will be a viaduct that unites the Sevillian towns of Dos Hermanas and Coria del Río as it is considered more appropriate due to deadlines, costs and environmental impact, a preliminary project that will have one month of arguments and another additional one for the three town councils involved, the two previous ones and the of Seville capital. If it goes ahead, it will be the largest in Europe with a clearance of 70.8 meters and one of the largest in the world. A title that, until now, has been held by the bridge of the Bay of Cádiz, with a gauge of 69 metres. Throughout the world there are other bridges higher than 70.8 meters, as is the case of the bridge over the Panama Canal (80 meters) and that of Brazil (85 meters). The height of the Seville bridge is a of the conditions required by the Port of Seville for the passage of ships with higher gauge. The Ministry of Transport ensures that the structure does not affect the Port of Seville or the Base del Copero and indicates that the preliminary draft of alternatives has been agreed with the Port Authority of Seville and the Base del Copero. According to the project, the bridge of SE-40 will be located at a distance of 2.5 kilometers from Coria del Río, a municipality whose mayor Modesto González has described as “disappointing” the result of the study of alternatives. The technical study contemplates an alternative design for the bridge in the event that the piers cannot touch the riverbed. As explained by the Secretary General of Infrastructures of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Xavier Flores, four solutions were proposed for this project, two involving the construction of tunnels and two, viaducts or bridges. The first one was a “short” tunnel, 7,600 meters long, four lanes with two tubes in each direction. The second involved a 15,816 meter long tunnel, with 4 lanes with two tubes in each direction. Along with these, there were the viaduct options, “A” was proposed in a straight line and “B” with more curves and both offering a viability that is not in the tunnel option. The chosen option With all the alternatives above the table option “A” within the viaduct alternative has been declared the “winner”. The section to be joined is 5 kilometers long and the new bridge is proposed with a total length of 3.6 kilometers, along with a gauge of 70.8 meters and a main span of between 200 and 400 metres. In addition, the works of this new footbridge include the adaptation of 72,000 square meters of new forest area that surround it, along with 7 kilometers of bike paths and pedestrian paths to promote active and sustainable mobility in the Guadalquivir valley. More than 6 years Under construction Regarding the deadlines, the Ministry estimates that the viaduct option could be completed in 2028, while the short tunnel option would be considered for the years 2032 to 2033, and the long tunnel option for the year 2036. The difference is also wide in terms of execution costs and, above all, maintenance. Thus, the viaduct is estimated at an investment of 458 million euros, 523.6 with maintenance costs, the short tunnel would be 1,077 million euros, 2,120 in total, and the long tunnel, 1,800 million euros, which would rise to 3,786 with subsequent care. Flores has also defended a lower environmental cost with the bridge option, since “the carbon footprint that a tunnel can have is infinitely higher than what a bridge can have, something decisive”. Regarding the effect on the activity of the Port, Flores explained that the viaduct is being built outside the port areas, “kilometres away”. Nor would the helicopter landing pad at the Copero base be affected.



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