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They do not find a condemned vein, execution suspended in Alabama


In Alabama the execution of a convict was suspended due to the difficulty of finding the vein in which to inject the lethal cocktail. The decision was lost by the Corrections Commissioner, John Hamm, when it became clear that the execution could not be completed, as planned, by midnight. Convict Alan Miller had already waited three hours for the outcome of the latest appeal to the Supreme Court. “Due to time restrictions due to the delay in the court ruling, the execution was suspended once it was determined that the condemned man’s veins could not be accessed by the expiration of the death warrant,” said Hamm. admitting that “the search for the vein is taking longer than expected”. Miller was thus taken back to his regular cell. The postponement comes after the controversy last July in Alabama caused by the execution of another death row inmate, Joe Nathan James, which lasted three hours again due to the difficulty of finding the vein. Miller was sentenced to death for killing three of his co-workers in 1999. “Despite the circumstances that led to the cancellation of this execution, nothing changes the fact that a jury heard the evidence and made its decision,” Governor Kay Ivey said. Groups fighting the death penalty said this incident confirms that “in its desperation for executions, Alabama is experimenting behind closed doors, certainly the definition of unusual and cruel punishment: it’s hard to understand how they persist with this failed method of execution that continues to prove itself catastrophically wrong. “



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