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Galicia announces that it will raise the wealth tax bonus to 50%


Galicia will cut the wealth tax in half. The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, has just announced that the Xunta will extend the bonus to the wealth tax, which will go from 25% to 50% in the 2023 budget. The Xunta will not eliminate, therefore, this tax, as the Community of Madrid has already done and as Andalusia will do next year. This tax, which is applied only to the highest incomes (with goods or rights valued at more than two million euros), collects some 67 million euros a year in Galicia. Currently, it already has a 25% bonus, to which another 25% will be added in 2023. “We are studying other measures -in fiscal matters-, but I anticipate that we will not raise taxes.” “It is much better to lower taxes than to raise them, it makes no sense to raise them”, he stressed in a forum organized by ‘La Voz de Galicia’ with a businessman and in which he gave a speech on ‘Competitiveness and innovation for a Galicia with more certainties ‘.Galicia follows its own path. In a climate of uncertainty, the @Xunta provides certainty and stability. For this reason, in the 2023 accounts, we will consolidate our tax model with a new 25% reduction in the Wealth Tax, which will mean a 50% bonus pic.twitter .com/4JXxN66KMk— Alfonso Rueda (@AlfonsoRuedaGal) September 23, 2022 Asked if he will lower fuel taxes, which in Galicia are in the highest bracket, he has said that the budgets are still being drawn up, although he has clarified that “The Xunta cannot reach everything or do everything alone.” “We are just finishing a serious budget that lacks important variables to finish closing it,” he also stated in response to requests for information about it from the opposition.Decentralize European fundsIn his speech, he once again criticized the execution of European funds by the central Executive. “Today it is arousing more uncertainties than certainties”, he stated after rejecting the “centralized” management of the same which, in his opinion, is assuming, among other issues, “the recognized inability to get the funds to SMEs For this reason, he has called for an “absolute system change” before speaking of the second phase of these funds. “Let the one who has to wake up wake up,” he added about the Government. “Another solution for now is that the ‘pertes’ be decentralized”, he has indicated about the strategic projects for economic recovery and transformation.



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