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Expert on Russia Giles: After mobilization, the Russians cannot pretend that the war does not concern them – WE ARE


British expert on Russia Keir Giles. The Kremlin has announced that it can send up to 300,000 reserve soldiers to the front. However, Russia expert KEIR GILES tells SME that even ordinary Russians fear the draft order. According to him, Putin’s latest order also means that the Russians can no longer ignore the fighting in Ukraine. The war has suddenly become a personal matter for many, which they do not like at all. How will the partial mobilization of Russian forces change the situation at the front? Article continues under video advertisement Article continues under video advertisement In the short term, nothing. Russia has tried several times to send reinforcements to the front, and from what we have seen, we can conclude that the Russian army is not capable of training and arming even a smaller number of new soldiers. Even if the number of mobilized soldiers will even come close to the announced number of 300- thousand, although I conclude from the previous performance of the Russian forces that it is impossible, it will take months for the army to adapt to the reinforcements and be able to use them. 9. 2022)”Keir Giles is an expert on the security and armed forces of Russia, he works as a researcher at the British think tank Chatham House, he worked in Russia for the BBC in the 1990s, he wrote a book about Russia called “Moscow Rules: What Drives Russia to Confront the West”. Related articleRelated article Putin admits both war and defeat. Mobilization plays a prank Read How can the report of partial mobilization affect the situation in Russia? There are already mass protests. The situation is dire for young men in Russia She changed last year. [email protected] so that we can help you.” data-msg-btn-logout=”Log in as another user” data-msg-btn-close=”Stay logged in” >



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