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Oramas will leave the Congress of Deputies to attend the next autonomous elections in the Canary Islands


The national deputy Ana Oramas returns to the Canary Islands. She wants to give the political battle in her land after 15 years as a national deputy. Oramas has confirmed this Friday that she is very “excited” with her return to regional politics as part of the electoral lists of the Canarian Coalition (CC) for Parliament, probably as head of the list for the Tenerife constituency. “I come to stay”, He has stood out in an interview granted to ‘Radio Club Tenerife’ and collected by Europa Press in which he also makes it clear that he will not return to the archipelago to leave again in the next General Elections and that he will not hold executive positions nor will he be a candidate for the Cabildo. Oramas understands that “difficult times” are coming for the Canary Islands and Spain and believes that “the time has come” to analyze whether he can “contribute more” to the islands from Parliament or from the Congress of Deputies, stressing that “both things are very important”. Scourge of governments of all colors in CongressIn this line he has pointed out that he has given the go-ahead to the offer of the national and insular general secretaries, Fernando Clavijo and Fr Ancisco Linares, respectively, with a “condition”, that he will not leave the Regional Chamber. He has indicated that he has “a lot to contribute to the team” that he is forming in CC at a time when the nationalist formation has “the opportunity to return to govern” in the Canary Islands and in the “main institutions”, although she believes that “the important thing is not to win the elections” but “to have the best teams to govern and help the Canary Islands”. Oramas has been a deputy in Congress since 2007.



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