NewsWorldTragic plane crash in which Hrnek's family perished: Boeing...

Tragic plane crash in which Hrnek’s family perished: Boeing will pay record compensation to the survivors –


Boeing agreed with the fine. Former Boeing chief Dennis Muilenburg also agreed to pay a million-dollar fine for the same charges. The settlement of the civil suit is another blow to Boeing over its 737 MAX planes, which were grounded from March 2019 to November 2020 due to two tragic crashes. The first of these occurred in October 2018 in Indonesia, when a Lion Air plane crashed into the sea. Photo gallery (3) Source: topka collage All 189 people died on board. In March 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed shortly after takeoff. None of the 157 people on board, including four Slovaks, survived the accident. The main cause of the accidents was the flight stabilization system MCAS, which in both crashes repeatedly directed the planes sharply downward, leaving the crew unable to maintain control over them. A month after the first of the two tragedies, Boeing issued a press release, approved by its then-boss Muilenburg, which, according to US authorities, “selectively emphasized certain facts”, thus suggesting that pilot error and insufficient maintenance of the aircraft contributed to the crash. The report confirmed the safety of the plane and did not comment on the problems with the MCAS software, which Boeing was already aware of at the time and was trying to fix. After the second crash, both Boeing and Muilenburg continued to assure the public about the safety of the planes, saying that there were no “surprises” or slippages in the certification process regarding these planes, or the MCAS system, although they knew that was not true, according to the SEC. Fair and truthful information “In times of crisis or tragedy, it is especially important that companies and their management provide complete, fair and truthful information to the markets…Boeing and its former CEO Dennis Muilenburg failed in this most basic duty. They misled investors by , that they provided them with assurances about the safety of the 737 MAX aircraft, despite knowing of serious safety concerns,” SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said in a statement Thursday.



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