NewsWorldArrested for leaving his three-year-old son in a car...

Arrested for leaving his three-year-old son in a car while he was in a Madrid hostess club


Archive imageNational Police CorpsThe boy spent four hours in the vehicle and after being taken out they handed him over to his motherA worker pointed out that it was not the first time the father had done the sameThe man is accused of temporary abandonment of minorsA 36-year-old man was arrested for abandoning his three-year-old son in a car while staying at a nightclub for four hours. It happened on September 15 in the Madrid district of San Blas. The agents observed how the child was sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, it was parked on Gumersindo Llorente street. After verifying that there was no reference adult in the vicinity, they decided to take him out through the passenger door, which the father he had left open, putting his safety at risk. The minor himself told the agents that his father was in a store across the street. After consulting the vehicle data, they were able to locate the mother and deliver the child. At the same time, they analyzed the images of the premises and were able to see how the man had gotten off the car at 8:30 p.m., leaving the minor inside. He stayed until 00:10 hours, when he tried to leave the establishment through the emergency door after noticing the police presence. He was arrested as allegedly responsible for a crime of temporary abandonment of a minor. One of the workers told the agents that it was not the first time that the man had done the same.



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