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Slovak women were attacked by teenagers on a famous Brazilian beach. They refused to give them money, so they beat them to death | –


In the last few hours, Brazilian media have been spreading news about two women from Slovakia who survived a brutal attack by young men on Wednesday (September 21) morning. Globo writes. Noticias Yahoo reports that 21-year-old Victoria and 43-year-old Katarina were robbed and beaten to death on the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The aggressors are supposed to be two 17-year-old teenagers. The women are in Brazil as part of a group tour. At that moment, they allegedly wanted to see the sunrise. They were supposed to be approached by the attackers who wanted money from the tourists, which the women refused. Subsequently, the youths stole their mobile phones and beat them. After the police were called, they were taken to the emergency room and released after treatment. The suspects were detained by the police shortly after the incident, while they were carrying one of the stolen phones. Diario Dorio added that the attackers already have experience breaking the law. Both were convicted several times for theft, robbery, threats, and also for endangering the moral education of youth.



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