NewsWorldSeparatist referendums in Ukraine promoted by Russia begin

Separatist referendums in Ukraine promoted by Russia begin


Ukrainian forces claim territory around KharkivGettyThe referendums will last until Tuesday, September 27, the day on which the Russians will announce the resultThe Moscow-controlled regions of Ukraine began voting this Friday on whether to become part of Russia, in referendums that kyiv and the international community have condemned and described as an “illegal appropriation of land”. Referendums in the eastern Donesk and Luhansk regions, as well as the southern Kharkiv and Zaporizhia regions have been roundly branded a sham by Ukraine’s Western allies. The votes come two days after Putin announced the mandatory appeal to troops for some 300,000 reservists, which has also drawn condemnation from the West. The mobilization of reservists comes after Ukrainian forces recaptured most of the northeastern Kharkov region in a major military counteroffensive that has seen kyiv retake hundreds of towns and villages from Russian control for months. The integration of the four regions in Russia, which for most international observers is an inevitable development, would represent a new major escalation in the conflict. The staged referendums on becoming part of Russia are expected to culminate with the annexation of an area larger than Portugal.— The New York Times (@nytimes) September 23, 2022 The referendums remember the celebrated in 2014 in which Russia annexed the Ukrainian province of Crimea after a lightning invasion in which the entire West decided to look “the other way”. This week in New York, Western leaders unanimously condemned the referendums and the call-up of reservists. French President Macron told the UN General Assembly that the referendums were a “parody.”#UPDATE Referendums on Russia’s annexation begin in Ukrainian territory controlled by Moscow, Russian news agencies report, in what Kyiv and the West have denounced as a “sham” vote. Voting began at 0500 GMT and is due to end Tuesday in four regions controlled by Russian troops— AFP News Agency (@AFP) September 23, 2022 Voting began this morning and will end on Tuesday in the four regions still controlled by Russian troops. Выездные комиссии приезжают прямо во дворы жилых домов и оповещают жителей через громкоговорители о начале голосования.Видео: Михаил Скуратов/ТАСС— ТАСС (@tass_agency) 23 de septiembre de 2022



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