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Pogba affair: Mathias accuses Paul of having marabouted Mbappé during PSG-Manchester United in 2019 – RMC Sport


Among the many videos unveiled this Friday, Mathias Pogba accuses his brother Paul of having cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé during PSG-Manchester United (1-3) in 2019, a few months after asking his marabout to win the World Cup .Mathias Pogba unveiled the “big revelations” about his brother Paul promised a few weeks ago, this Friday in a succession of messages and videos posted on Twitter. According to him, the midfielder did indeed use the service of a marabout, named Ibrahim and nicknamed Grande, whom he would have known through Serge Aurier. In a first video, Mathias assures that his brother had spells cast on “several teammates including the prodigy Kylian Mbappé”, but also to win the World Cup in 2018. He is based on the testimony of a certain Mam’sn former close friend of Paul native of Roissy-en-Brie. The man named Mamadou, who is said to be at odds with Paul since (he is suspected of having stolen 200,000 euros from him), is one of those currently in detention. . Just like Mathias, who used a bot to spread all these revelations.” The turning point was the 2018 World Cup where Paul, even more believing in the wizard than in God, charged the wizard with ensuring the victory of the French team, launches Mathias. The sorcerer will confirm himself to Mam’s that the work had already been done and it is only there that Mam’s began to be defrayed. After that, Paul continued more beautifully with his sorcerer, especially during the Champions League to ensure that Manchester passes.” “He thus ensures that was the case for “the Manchester United-PSG return match”. the Champions League at home against a Mancunian team decimated despite the victory in the first leg (0-2). “At the request of Paul, the wizard was responsible for neutralizing Kylian Mbappé who was then experiencing a rapid rise, greatly exceeding Paul’s fame. It was weird for Mam’s to see that during this match, Kylian was only a shadow of himself against a reserve team. The problem was that Paul was doing everything to get closer to Kylian, as we could see in the media, claiming to like him and to be his friend, continues Mathias. He often called her, we saw them arm in arm. It went so far that Kylian almost made his next contract with PSG conditional on Paul coming to play there. This while behind his back Paul was doing witchcraft to him in order to sabotage these matches. The same wizard also told Mam’s that he had to stop the witchcraft in progress on Kylian at the risk of destroying his career, knowing that he was paid by the job. , didn’t pay enough for a long-term job or that the wizard wanted him to pay the maximum, he concludes. All this, while according to Mam’s, my brother paid a lot for these mystical performances at least four million euros, while he was still there (in Manchester?) and probably more than double since he left . This when, at the same time, his whole family was in need, to believe that he was exchanging his family for success, something often asked by wizards, especially on our family undergoing misfortune on misfortune in recent years.



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