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A new safety element – Startitup – will soon be on the vehicles


A new safety element should be added to our vehicles soon. It is the front brake light, reports the TA3 news channel. In the Trenčín region, they are launching a new research to find out whether it will be successful in terms of safety and smoothness of road traffic. As a reporter for TV TA3 stated, a pedestrian often finds himself at a pedestrian crossing in a situation where he cannot guess from a distance whether the driver has registered him and he plans to stop for him, or he did not notice him and does not stop at the crossing. By turning on the front brake light, the driver gives a signal to pedestrians, cyclists or cars in front that he has registered the situation on the road and is starting to brake. However, according to TA3 information, the front brake light should not be red like the rear light, but its color will be green. Is it at all effective? Portal Automagazín reports that this idea, how to improve the flow and safety of road traffic, is not exactly the happiest. Traffic accidents in the European Union are responsible for thousands of victims and injured people. As they said, almost 23 thousand people lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2019 alone. Sweden is considered the safest country in terms of roads, and Romania is in last place. One way or another, the front brake light will in many cases not have much chance to prevent a traffic accident, or to warn pedestrians or cars in front that the driver behind him is braking. As long as the cars are in a convoy, it often happens that the driver advancing in it is aware of the slow passage of road traffic, he literally moves with a step. However, there are cases when he does not calculate the braking distance or does not adjust his driving to the road condition and crashes into the previous car. In such cases, the front brake light is more than useless, despite the fact that the driver saw it in the already crashed car. He just has to wait and prepare for the impact. Automagazín also stated that we can almost always estimate the situation, whether the car is braking, slowing down or accelerating, even without seeing the front green brake light. Hearing can also help us with this. source: Unsplash/Arawark chenThe problem in pedestrian accidents is not whether the pedestrian can judge the speed or distance of the vehicle, but in almost all cases it is inattention on one side or the other. This brake light from the front of the car will not solve it. All types of vehicles are involved. Despite everything, the research should be launched from September 22 to June 22, 2023 in the cities of Partizánske, Trenčín, Prievidza, Žilina. Residents themselves will be able to assess the effectiveness of the front green brake light installed on classic cars. All kinds of cars are involved in the research. From cars to trucks, trucks or buses, tractors. Thanks for reading Startitup. If you have an observation or found an error in the article, write to us at [email protected] Sources: TA3, Automagazín



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