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Vicente del Bosque, Teodoro García Egea or Father Apeles, Spanish reservists like those mobilized by Putin


In the midst of a pandemic, in May 2020, the former Secretary General of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, was called up. He exchanged his tie for the blue uniform of an Air Force ensign. The former politician is a volunteer reservist and his services were needed in the GRUTA transmission group at the Getafe air base (Madrid). Egea is a Telecommunications engineer, and in the midst of ‘Operation Balmis’, the Army needed personnel to control and operate the networks of the Air Force Headquarters, the General Air Command Headquarters and those of the Getafe Air Barracks. An expert in cybersecurity and transmissions, he put on his overalls. And there was the number two of the PP, mounting antennas and monitoring the satellites for more than a week. It was not the first time. The former general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, dressed as an ensign of the Air Force in Murcia. Instagram Father Apeles and the mother of Alba Carrillo Egea are not the only famous ones who are reservists. The controversial and television father Apeles also enlisted in the reserve. For more than a year he has been a captain in the Army, the highest rank a reservist can reach. A polyglot, he entered as a linguist, to give language classes to soldiers and collaborates organizing exhibitions of military art. “A reservist can always say if he wants to be activated, but I would go as my translator, but I would not shoot if there was a war,” he confessed on Telecinco’s ‘Ya es Noon’ program in 2021.20220923 NAC PADRE APELESSocial NetworksNo es the only celebrity who wears the uniform. Lucía Pariente, mother of Alba Carrillo, a television collaborator, is also a reservist in the Air Force. She combines it with her work as a gas installer, and she has paraded in the military parade on October 12 on several occasions. Egea, Apeles and Lucía Pariente can be activated by the Ministry of Defense if their collaboration is needed. If so decided, they become part of the contingents both in operations abroad or missions in progress in the national territory, as happened to García Egea Del Bosque and Fernando Torres, honorary reservistsThere are other relevant people who are also reservists, but only honorably. They cannot be activated. This is the case of former national coach Vicente del Bosque, who was one of the first to be distinguished with that title in 2019. Two years later it was awarded to footballer Fernando Torres. Former national football coach Vicente del Bosque talks with several military Ministry of Defense The list of athletes who are named honorary reservists is long, from the athlete Fermín Cacho, through the Olympians Saúl Craviotto or Lydia Valentín. In addition to Emilio Butragueño, Ruth Beitia, David Cal or the skater Javier Fernández. In Spain until 2003, the reservists were those people who had done military service, the so-called ‘mili’ and returned to civilian life, but in case of need war could be mobilized. That year, when Federico Trillo was Defense Minister, the figure of the reservist was created. A person who wanted to “serve Spain” and maintain a link with the Armed Forces, making his professional worth available to the Army. You must have Spanish nationality, be over 18 years of age and have no criminal record. There are currently 3,000 reservists in Spain. Defense takes places every year. In 2022, 250 were offered and more than 10,000 people applied for the call. Very specific and qualified profiles are sought to carry out specific tasks, that is why sometimes the reservists are people who are over forty years old. From a marketing expert to a translator of a minority language, through engineers, lawyers or pianists.



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