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Andalusia without taxis this weekend: the sector on strike against the regulation of the VTC


The Andalusian taxi sector has announced a break in its activity this weekend, specifically, from seven in the afternoon on Friday until seven in the morning on Monday, as a protest measure against the regulation that it is preparing the Andalusian Government to regulate the activity of Transport Vehicles with Drivers (VTC) in urban centers as of October 1. They have indicated this during the demonstration that they staged this Thursday in Seville, the third of this month. It ended at the gates of the Andalusian Parliament, where, with a significant police presence, they gathered with whistles, drums and firecrackers, as well as throwing eggs at the facade of the Andalusian Chamber. The president of the Andalusian Federation of Self-Employed Taxi (FAAT) –majority organization in the sector and convener of this protest for the third consecutive Thursday–, Miguel Ruano, has warned that “the Board is not negotiating on this matter with anyone: neither with the taxi drivers, nor with the rest of the parliamentary groups or with the city councils” and has even pointed out that “it is based on lies”. In the face of this, he has pointed out that the taxi sector is defending its future and “the users” so that they can have “a decent public service “, based on a fixed rate controlled by the municipalities and supervised by the Board, and so that this economic activity “does not pass into the hands of multinationals”. In this way, it has claimed “harmony” and “proportionality” for the c The existence of the taxi and the VTC. “We don’t want VTCs to disappear, we want users to continue using them if they want, but proportionally,” he assured, asking that “the taxi sector of a city not be charged with an unbalanced proportion.” They accuse the Board of “betrayal” Along the same lines, the president of Elite Taxi in Andalusia, Rafael Baena, has declared himself, who has directly branded as “betrayal” what “the Board of Andalusia intends to do” with the taxi and has reproached “the on stage” of the Ministry of Public Works for public opinion when, according to what he says, “there are no negotiations.” “They sit us down but they don’t tell us absolutely anything. a draft”, warned Baena, who, in addition, has made ugly that they will have to “wait for the decree to be approved to be able to challenge it”. In this way, Baena calls for October 1 to arrive and the VTCs are framed in the interurban area and “municipal powers are not invaded.” In addition, the taxi requests a minimum pre-contract time of at least 15 minutes; compliance with or approximation to the established legal ratio (1/30) or elimination of geolocation, among other aspects. Guaranteeing coexistence The regulation prepared by the Board, announced earlier this month, proposes that VTCs continue working in urban centers at from October 1, although requirements will be established so that these measures guarantee “the coexistence of VTC and taxis in order to offer the best service to the citizen”. In a statement, the Ministry explained then that by virtue of that decree the inspection would be reinforced, “duplicating the actions”. An argument that the taxi drivers do not consider that it can be put into practice, as they have exposed this week in statements to Europa Press . “There are no inspectors, nor are the local police interested in the matter, nor do the municipalities provide the means,” said the president of FAAT, Miguel Ruano, to monitor what he calls “daily illegalities” by the VTC. As October 1 approaches, the tension between the parties is increasing and this week the Andalusian Association of Vehicle Rental VTC, Andeval, accused the taxi of “pressuring the Board” with a “misleading argument” so that they are included in the future regulation “restrictions” that end up making their activity impossible.



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