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War In Ukraine: Zelensky Calls On Russians To ‘Protest’ Against Putin – The HuffPost


Yan Dobronosov/Global Images Ukraine via Getty President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine accuse Russia of carrying out strikes against the Pivdennonooukrainsk nuclear power plant, raising fears of an incident (illustration photo taken on August 18). Yan Dobronosov / Global Images Ukraine via Getty The Ukrainian president on Friday September 23 urged the Russians to stand up against the partial mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin. UKRAINE – “55,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in this war in six months (…) Do you want more? Nope ? So protest! Fight! Run away ! “Launched Volodymyr Zelensky, in Russian, this Thursday, September 22, in his daily video message. The Ukrainian president, speaking just before the opening of the illegally organized referendums, urged the Russians to oppose the mobilization announced by the Kremlin or to “surrender” to the forces of kyiv. In a speech delivered this Wednesday, September 21 on Russian television, the master of the Kremlin notably announced the immediate mobilization of 300,000 reservists and castigated the desire for “destruction” of Russia on the part of the West. “Choose your side!” this is essentially the message that Volodymyr Zelensky sends to the Russians In his message… — La Matinale LCI (@LaMatinaleLCI) See the tweet According to Volodymyr Zelensky, the Russian authorities are preparing to mobilize “up to a million men”. “You are already complicit in all the crimes (of the Russian army), murders and tortures of which the Ukrainians are victims. Because you are silent. Because you are always silent, ”he further accused. Moscow must be accountable In Russia, the announcement of the mobilization caused an influx of Russians wishing to leave the country, without any figures being available. A person, who passed through Mongolia, told AFP on condition of anonymity that he had to wait “for twelve hours” to cross the border by car. Under the fire of international criticism, Russia also found itself in the dock in the Security Council, called to account for its invasion of Ukraine, its announcement of partial mobilization and its threats to use arms. nuclear. On the diplomatic front, it was US Secretary of State Antony Blinken who led the charge at the Security Council, refusing to meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. “We can’t let President Putin get away with it,” he said at the meeting convened by the French presidency. “That President Putin has chosen this week, when most of the world’s leaders are meeting at the UN, to add fuel to the fire he has lit demonstrates his utter disregard for the UN Charter. “, he said. The annexation referendums have begun These declarations have in no way destabilized the Russian president. Russian annexation “referendums” began on Friday (September 23rd) in areas of Ukraine wholly or partly controlled by Moscow, Russian news agencies reported. These polls are described as “simulacra” by kyiv and the West. These votes, which began at 05:00 GMT (7 a.m. in France), must be held until Tuesday, September 27 in the pro-Russian separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk (east), and in areas under Russian occupation in the regions of Kherson and Zaporijjia (south), in the midst of Moscow’s military offensive against Ukraine. Putin’s objective is clear: to conquer these territories while invoking the “right to self-determination” of their inhabitants. The former Russian president and number two of the country’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, also affirmed on Telegram that the separatist regions of Donbass, as well as Kherson and Zaporijjia, “will integrate Russia”. See also on The HuffPost: You cannot view this content because you have refused the cookies associated with content from third parties. If you want to view this content, you can change your choices.



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