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Putin is bluffing, the West must threaten nuclear retaliation, a Russian analyst thinks –


The declaration of partial mobilization caused fear in Russia, but mass protests cannot be expected. “Most of the conscripts will probably actually go to war, but Putin’s decision significantly reduced the support for the war in the majority of the population,” says Russian political scientist Ivan Preobrazhenskij in an interview for What does the declaration of partial mobilization say about the Russian regime’s view of the war? In fact, it appears to be a general mobilization and not a partial one. With her statement, Vladimir Putin actually admitted a military defeat in Ukraine. All measures taken by him are intended to stop the Ukrainian counter-offensive and, above all, to force Kyiv to negotiate. Putin admitted that the territories of Russia are already being shelled and indicates the real limit of the concessions he is now ready to make. And that is Crimea remaining within Russia. How is mobilization perceived in Russian society? The main emotion is fear. Many people were upset by the mobilization announcement, but most were scared… This article is for subscribers only.
You have 85% left to read. 01 – Modified: 2022-09-22 22:00:44 – Feat.: 1 – Title: Valášek for HN: Mobilization changes the situation. It wakes up people who want nothing to do with war 02 – Modified: 2022-09-22 22:00:00 – Feat.: 1 – Title: Financial Times: Vladimir Putin’s Desperation Dies Are Rolled 03 – Modified: 2022-09-22 16:42:29 – Feat.: 1 – Title: The mobilization decree includes more than just partial conscription, experts point out. The Kremlin denies it 04 – Modified: 2022-09-22 14:53:36 – Feat.: 1 – Title: Will the mobilization actually be much bigger? The decree allows Putin to call up to a million Russians to war 05 – Modified: 2022-09-22 14:48:58 – Feat.: 1 – Title: They are missing soldiers. The Russians want to mobilize Ukrainians in the occupied territories, said the mayor of Melitopol 01 – Modified: 2022-09-23 06:03:49 – Feat.: – Title: Referendums on joining Russia started in Moscow-occupied parts of Ukraine 02 – Modified: 2022- 09-23 05:02:11 – Feat.: – Title: The atmosphere of fear and intimidation reaches a new peak in Russia, assesses the OSCE report 03 – Modified: 2022-09-23 04:44:53 – Feat.: – Title: Zelenskyj called on Russians to resist Putin’s mobilization: Protest, flee or surrender 04 – Modified: 2022-09-22 21:33:46 – Feat.: – Title: Many of the liberated Ukrainians were brutally tortured in Russian captivity, sounds from Kiev 05 – Modified: 2022-09-22 20:47:56 – Feat.: – Title: During the first day of mobilization, 10,000 reservists should have volunteered, the Russian army claims



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