NewsWorldMore than 30 dead due to police repression in...

More than 30 dead due to police repression in Iran after the Mahsa Amini case, according to an Iranian NGO


Protests in the streets of Tehran. EFE The NGO Iran Human Rights, based in Oslo, puts the number of civilians killed in the protests at 31 at the UN that in Iran you can protest, but vandalism will not be allowedWith shouts of “Justice, freedom and no compulsory hijab”, “Women, life, freedom” or “Death to the dictator”, the Iranian protesters have once again shown their outrage in at least 20 cities in the country, in protests in which violence has intensified with the security forces resorting to riot gear. One week after the death of the young Kurdish Mahsa Amini, 22, After being arrested by the Morale Police for wearing the veil incorrectly, the Oslo-based NGO Iran Human Rights estimates that 31 civilians were killed during the repression of the protests. The authorities reduce the official figure to 17 deceased, according to state television. Despite internet cuts, some videos of injured protesters have managed to circumvent censorship. See how many people are being killed for protesting the brutal death of #MahsaAmini, who was murdered by Hijab police for wearing improper hijab.
A headscarf is worth more than our lives in Iran. I call on women in the world to show their solidarity.— Masih Alinejad 🏳️ (@AlinejadMasih) September 22, 2022 The president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, has downplayed the protests over the death of a young woman after being arrested for improperly wearing the veil, assuring that they are something “normal” and that in the country there is freedom to express any opinion, but making it clear that “vandalism” will not be allowed. Regarding the death of Mahsa Amini, Raisi said that as soon as he could he spoke with his family and insisted that his death is being investigated and that the case is in the hands of the judiciary. The Iranian leader, asked at a press conference in the margins of the UN General Assembly, stressed that many political and social issues are debated in his country and that there is no problem when someone opposes something. In any case, he stressed that the coroner’s report showed no signs of abuse or beatings and that some investigations that have been carried out point in the same direction. “But we have to differentiate between demonstrations and vandalism,” Raisi said. Images of the burning of a photo of Ali Khamenei in a in the center of Tehran are also circulating on the internet.



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