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Sánchez asks the UN for a political solution for the Sahara without mentioning a Spanish turn


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, defended this Thursday in his speech before the UN General Assembly that “a mutually acceptable political solution be reached for Western Sahara and within the framework of the Charter of the United Nations and the resolutions of the Security Council”. He spoke of the Sahara but using diplomacy he avoided mentioning the change in Spain’s position on this territory, when last March, Moncloa assured that the Moroccan plan for autonomy was the “most serious, credible and realistic” to solve the problem. The president has assured that “we cannot drag conflicts from the last century”, which is a diplomatic mantra that is repeated to justify the turn of the Spanish position and that means leaving aside the path of a referendum on self-determination of that territory. In his speech before the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, he also highlighted the “fundamental” work of the personal envoy of the United Nations Secretary General in the Sahara, Staffan de Mistura. “It has the full backing of the Government of Spain,” Sánchez stressed. “We cannot carry over conflicts from the last century, and with regard to a very important area for Spain, such as Western Sahara, Spain supports a mutually acceptable political situation in the framework of the UN charter” (Pedro Sánchez, at the UN)Solidarity with the refugee campsIn this regard, he has indicated that Spain will continue to support the Saharawi population in the camps “as it has always done, being the main international aid donor humanitarian aid to the Saharawi refugee camps”, referring to the Tindouf camps, in southern Algeria. The change in position of the Government of Pedro Sánchez with respect to the Sahara and which he expressed in a letter to King Mohamed V caused discomfort and criticism of the Polisario Front, the political opposition and the partners of the Executive, including United We Can. The future of Gibraltar In another point, the head of the Executive has recalled that On December 31, 2020, Spain and the United Kingdom reached a bilateral understanding regarding Gibraltar in the framework of the country’s exit from the European Union and in which both governments have worked “intensely” so that said understanding would lay the foundations for a future relationship of the British territory with the EU. “This agreement must be respectful of the UN doctrine on said territory with which Spain fully aligns itself”, stressed Sánchez, who has insisted that Spain wishes to work “for the development of a prosperous social and economic area that encompasses the entire space and the field of Gibraltar”, he has settled. Putin’s threatThe head of the Executive has also referred to the war in Ukraine, with an invasion by Russia “that leads us to times that we thought were over in Europe”, and criticized Putin for continuing “in a sort of flight forward” with “totally unacceptable statements”. Sánchez reiterated the Spanish government’s condemnation “in the strongest terms” of the announcement of the annexation referendums in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson. “These false referendums would constitute a new violation of international law. Their result will never will be recognized and we will continue to support Ukraine’s freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity”, insisted Sánchez, who claimed that now is when unity and the defense of the principles contained in the United Nations charter are most needed.” The war takes away from the sovereign people of Ukraine their legitimate right to exist and to do so in peace and freedom. And it condemns the entire world to enter an era of uncertainty when we were at the gates of an era of optimism”, he assured, while has warned of the economic and social consequences of the conflict that “threaten global prosperity”, especially “those most vulnerable countries”. “The food crisis joins an energy crisis caused by an autocrat willing to do anything to perpetuate himself in power,” he pointed out.



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