NewsWorldSolidarity 'bicigrination' from Córdoba to El Rocío for Hugo,...

Solidarity ‘bicigrination’ from Córdoba to El Rocío for Hugo, a child with cerebral hypoxia after falling into the pool


The little boy, after an accident in a swimming pool in 2017, suffers from cerebral hypoxia A group of cyclists will pedal to El Rocío to help the family The family needs financial help to cover all the expenses of the therapy The group ‘Los Bicigrinos’ will pedal for three days, from September 23 to 25, from Córdoba to the Huelva village of El Rocío with the purpose of raising funds and helping Hugo García Esquina, a boy from Córdoba who has suffered from cerebral hypoxia since he was two years old, after an accident in a swimming pool. Encarni and Victor, the little boy’s parents, changed their lives when their son accidentally fell into a swimming pool. On the fateful day, it was his brother Adrián, who was barely 7 years old, who rescued him from the water. In a matter of minutes, and thanks to the help of a neighbor, the minor arrived at the hospital in cardiorespiratory arrest. After reviving him, he spent six days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and then went to the Pediatric Unit floor of the hospital. “Those seconds in the water caused the child under two years of cerebral hypoxia,” they explain from the organization. To improve his quality of life, Hugo has received various therapies since he was discharged from the Reina Sofía Hospital in October 2017. Since the accident, Hugo has maintained enteral nutrition through a nasogastric tube and today through a gastric button. “It is essential and of the utmost importance that you maintain your speech therapy therapies to try to get you to eat by mouth again and to learn to communicate in some way,” they highlight. Since his hospital discharge, he has not stopped receiving physiotherapy sessions to “improve his spasticity and thus the severe pain that the tension of the muscles generates and gain control of his trunk and neck.” Also, he relies on psychology sessions to “deal with the demands and stress of this condition and treat unexpected behaviors that usually arise in these cases.” “We are all Hugo” Many have been the people who have turned to this family to raise funds to help them defray the cost of all these therapies. Now, ‘Los Bicigrinos’ are joining this initiative to lend them a hand. In this regard, the ‘Hope is in you’ Association has launched the ‘We are all Hugo’ campaign so that anyone interested can donate whatever they deem appropriate through a deposit in the account ES8421002230910200443216 with the concept ‘HUGO’. Likewise, donations can be made through Bizum, by calling 687354550.



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