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Meloni, Berlusconi and Salvini close the campaign together in Rome


They chose the emblematic People’s Square, where almost all the flags were from Brothers of Italy The center-right coalition is favorite to win the elections this Sunday The word “freedom” the great common denominator of the three candidatesSurprises everyone. Silvio Berlusoconi reappears in a box where everyone was waiting for Giorgia Meloni and the square, still not full at almost 7 pm, shouts. A man at the microphone presents him as the great guarantor of what is meeting in this box today: the center-right coalition. “We have been the only ones who have not raised taxes and we have not reached into the pockets of Italians,” says the cavalliere. He acknowledges his role in international politics since the 1990s and claims that “this country” does not want a leftist government. He defends Europe, he has done so throughout the campaign, he has been the champion of his role in the coalition, but he asks for more prominence for Italy. He still speaks with the authority of being a key to the union between his two partners, the leader of the polls Giorgia Meloni and the one who was four years ago, Matteo Salvini. Some flags of Fuerza Italia in the square move euphorically with the unexpected presence of the former prime minister who, a little fatigued by age but with his usual humor, keeps the square expectant, which even at that time has not managed to fill up. Matteo Salvini, leader of the League who is trying – he looks exhausted – to show an enthusiasm that the data in the polls have been taking away from him for months. Four years ago, when the conservative trio already existed, he was the star of the coalition. He even became Minister of the Interior, since he now wants to recover but that becomes difficult to ask for when the latest polls give him 12% -all the signs seem to intuit that he will even drop below that percentage-. This perception was also present in the square , which waved very few League flags, only a few faithful dared to wear the blue cap with the campaign word ‘Credo’ -in Spanish I think, a reference to the party’s religious culture- that their team gave away. The square was animated, yes, when, by way of warm-up Giorgia Meloni was about to leave, brought up one of his key issues, in addition to immigration, speaking of the centrality of the traditional family. “I don’t talk about mother and father in a casual way”, he launches to the public that shouts to celebrate his words. Giorgia Meloni finally arrives at a square that awaits her euphoric and full of Fratelli d’Italia flags. There is also a large giant banner with her face and the campaign phrase ‘Pronti’ (prepared in Spanish) – a message, surely, to those who questioned her ability to get to where she is. The square is not completely filled, but the many who were waiting for this moment look at her convinced that she will be the new Italian prime minister. In the audience a man who in the previous elections voted for the M5S, with whom he feels deeply disappointed, can now only think of Giorgia. The same for another group of men who voted for Salvini and who now believe that he “is a sellout.” A woman in her 30s, Beatrice, sports a look similar to the radical right-wing leader with a signature blonde lock of hair. She believes that Italy “has to be saved” and that the only one who can do it is Meloni. She will not only vote for her, she reveres her. When Meloni goes out on the stage, she responds to the left, which she accuses of being a system of power and of occupying the entire electoral campaign to discredit her. She also puts the national interest first, which, she says, will no longer lower its head to Berlin, Paris or any other country. She announces, before leaving, that a new time is about to come. But it is not all consensus among the three leaders who pose together before leaving, tomorrow they will close their respective campaigns in different parts of Italy. Governance and the consequent first disagreements appear with some of the main issues, such as income for citizens. A Matteo Salvini, who is attentive to those who cannot defend themselves on their own, says, “as far as he is concerned”, that aid does not have to be eliminated, but reformulated. In the antipodes Giorgia Meloni repeats once again something that only she dares to announce in that way among the Italian leaders: the measure must be abolished. Dignity, says the radical right-wing leader, is obtained only through work, not with “aid from the State.” Meloni looks determinedly towards Sunday when she will see her great dream and ambition, since she was a soldier at the age of 15, to reach Palazzo Chigi. The hours of the campaign are running out and many claim that her time has come, that of the woman who for many reminds a leader of another time.



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