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US-Russia tension: Lavrov is absent from the Security Council during Blinken’s intervention


The penultimate round of this fight took place yesterday in the ring of the Security Council, without the end of the conflict still in sightDespite the absence of Putin, his shadow has flown over each of the days of the UN AssemblyIn the middle of a atmosphere of maximum tension due to the latest and threatening statements by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, towards the security of the international community, the Russian head of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, was in charge yesterday of standing up for his country before the Council of United Nations Security, which met to discuss the situation in Ukraine. And he did so justifying his position by the oppression that kyiv has exerted on Russian-speaking citizens in eastern Ukraine, and the support of the West in this regard. His intervention, however, was almost testimonial, since Lavrov came to the Council to give his own speech and was absent when it was the turn of Antony Blinken, secretary of state of the United States, and the other allied countries. Something that further rarefied the atmosphere of a forum in which Putin has avoided being present. However, its shadow has hovered over each of the days of the United Nations Assembly, especially after its recent warnings to the international community about the possible use of its nuclear arsenal, the mobilization of 300,000 more troops and the holding of referendums in the occupied zones of Ukraine. Condemnation But it remains to be seen that the condemnations and isolation that Russia is receiving, both during the Security Council meeting and in the rest of the meetings held at the United Nations, throughout these days , serve to intimidate a Putin who has already started a flight forward. And all this despite the fact that India and China, countries friendly to Russia, have already hinted at their first criticism of Putin’s attitude and Turkey, a mediating country, has recently positioned itself against it. The reality is that the unanimous rejection to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in the speeches, in the atmosphere that is breathed in the corridors and in the multiple bilateral meetings that are held simultaneously, has only served to increase the pressure on Putin. Something that although it makes the weight of the slab that hangs over the Kremlin grow, the penultimate assault in this fight that took place yesterday in the Security Council ring did not yet allow a glimpse of the end of the conflict. Rugged arrival Until the arrival of Lavrov , last Wednesday to New York, was complicated. It occurred after a 12-hour trip due to the impossibility of crossing the airspace of the European Union countries and other non-EU countries, such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. The visit of the Muscovite delegation also suffered delays in obtaining their entry visas to the United States, due to the sanctions established against the Russian aeronautical industry. The Russian foreign official, who shortly after arriving on US soil, handed over to his counterpart of Venezuela, Carlos Faría, the Order of Friendship, in a gesture of recognition to a friendly country, began yesterday with its plan to meet throughout these days both with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and with other 20 political leaders and Foreign Affairs officials of other countries.”I would like to fulfill the honorable duty and, in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, award you the Order of Friendship for your special contribution to the development of relations between our countries,” Lavrov said on Twitter, highlighting the excellent connection between Venezuela and Russia, as opposed to the deteriorating diplomatic treatment with the Western bloc. In his speech to the @UN, #Russia’s MFA Sergei Lavrov said that “we have no doubts that #Ukraine has turned into a totalitarian state of Nazi kind.”KP’s question is: when will this hell stop being tolerated? His mic should’ve been turned off, and his delegation expelled. Period— KyivPost (@KyivPost) September 22, 2022 Right of vetoHowever, Lavrov’s most important participation in terms of accountability to the international community was the one he held yesterday in the Security Council. This took place in a body that has not yet been able to take any meaningful action on Ukraine, because Russia is a permanent member and has veto power, as do the United States, France, Britain and China. In fact, the Council has already met twenty other times, throughout this year, to discuss the invasion of Ukraine. Russia is accused by the United States, Ukraine and other countries of committing war crimes after its invasion of the country ukrainian Although the Kremlin denies targeting civilians and describes the accusations of human rights abuses as a smear campaign, Putin is showered with accusations of having “blatantly violated the basic principles” of the United Nations charter with his “war.” brutal and unnecessary” in Ukraine. This was specified by the US president, Joe Biden, before his recent participation in the UN General Assembly. War crimes “A crime has been committed against Ukraine and we demand a just punishment,” the president of Ukraine, Volodimir, also said on Wednesday. Zelenski, in an expected remote participation in the Assembly. “The crime was committed against the life of our people. The crime was committed against the dignity of our women and men,” he added. According to statements made to Reuters last month by Ukraine’s chief war crimes prosecutor, his office is investigating nearly 26,000 cases of alleged war crimes committed since the February 24 invasion of Russia, in which 135 are already indicted. people.



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