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Vox kicks out Olona: Will he set up a new party?


“The end of the road” has come for Macarena Olona in Vox. The Abascal formation flies all the bridges with what was its most mediatic leader with a here we have come. The one-on-one conversation with his former boss to “walk together” that he claimed (and that never had a date) will no longer take place. Olona has accused Santiago Abascal of “lack of internal democracy” and has pointed to his number two, Javier Ortega Smith, to activate the “meat grinder”. Some words that in Vox have been taken as a declaration of war and that have served to put an end to a soap opera that was bleeding them dry in the polls since the woman from Alicante decided to give her party a pulse. That after his fright from Andalusia and then ask to return. Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, her roommate and who met with her a few days ago to try to redirect the situation, has been in charge of making a traumatic announcement. In view of how it is being used by all those who want to harm Vox, this is the end of the road (Iván Espinosa de los Monteros)“In view of how it is being used by all those who want to harm Vox, this is the end of the road. We wish him the best politically and personally,” he certified from Congress as soon as Abascal’s thumb tilted down, sentencing Olona. Espinosa’s choice is not accidental. That it was precisely her friend who was in charge of making the announcement, intends to send the powerful message that there are no fissures in Vox. Olona responds with a new conference with Mario Conde Macarena Olona responds by way of facts. Today she holds her conference at the University of Murcia and on Monday she reappears with Mario Conde in Seville. They already go twice in a fortnight, giving wings to those who speculate that their plans include setting up a political party. She assures that “the decision has been made” and plans to continue in politics. What is certain is that the woman from Alicante, -who works on impulse according to those who know her well- is going to the clash and has summoned those who left Vox due to disagreements with the management. And they are a few. It is estimated that more than half of her councilors throughout Spain have been expelled or have abandoned their ranks since the 2019 elections. She has experienced firsthand the mistreatment that so many militants have suffered before. Her original idea was to bring all these people together but to try to get them to return to Vox. That’s not going to happen anymore “She has experienced in her flesh the mistreatment that so many militants have suffered before. Her original idea was to bring all these people together but to try to get them to return to Vox. That is not going to happen anymore, ”a prominent leader of Vox Murcia tells NIUS. The party faction that declared itself in rebellion against the national leadership and now governs in coalition with the PP in the region. They are also the ones behind Macarena Olona’s conference at the University of Murcia. “The party has systematically mistreated the affiliate in many places and we all hold Ortega Smith and the people who depend on him responsible,” confirms this same source that maintains direct line with Olona these days and that he believes that the crisis has been “falsely closed” and that “there are many silent people until now wanting to talk.” Vox controls damageAfter days of unprecedented and frenetic activity to face the show media of his export spokesman -university escraches and veiled errands to his former boss included- Abascal this time has dodged the microphones and has only manifested himself on his Twitter account to charge against Minister Irene Montero. Not a word about Olona. Ortega Smith was seen in the corridors of Congress with a serious face without saying a word ‘mu’ and the deputies who until yesterday declared themselves his friends and his “family”, now put a stark distance with the woman from Alicante. “After what has happened, it is natural”, assured one of her former colleagues uncomfortably. Now it is time to control damage eight months after municipal elections in which the extreme right has to demonstrate its territorial muscle and gain momentum in the face of the general ones. In Vox they already build the ‘story’ for their voters. They encourage the theory of “the PP PSOE clamp” that “uses” an Olona “who is aware” to attack them. They do not rule out that he could lead a new party that atomizes his electoral space and subtracts support from them. “It’s not impossible,” says a member of the leadership. A confessional party The rumor mill has been unleashed and one of the theories that circulates strongly indicates that he could lead a confessional party. Ultra-Catholic and ultra-conservative movements such as Make yourself heard “are wrong” with Abascal because he “seems lazy to them”, a former Vox leader who knows the guts of the formation well explains to NIUS, although he does not see Olona in such an operation . “He can try but it would be nonsense. In Spain and in Europe, an ultra-Catholic party is not viable. If it does, it would only contribute to increasing its disrepute, which is already enough, ”says this former Vox. The Vox bouncers do not stop exchanging messages these days and the phones are fuming asking “where to sign up for the new Macarena party.” Those who know her advise her to take her time and not act hot. Once the Macarena Olona chapter is closed, Vox could be looking for his new queen. It is not the first time that those of Abascal flirt with the idea of ​​tempting Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, although she has always denied it, emphasizing her differences with Vox. But yesterday Álvarez de Toledo distanced himself from the PP, his party, to vote with Vox in the Congress a 155 for Catalonia. Not only that. Next Wednesday he will present a conference by Iván Espinosa de los Monteros to the astonishment of his fellow seatmates.



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