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Fidesz in Hungary called on the government to ask citizens about sanctions against Russia: Unequivocal position – Novy Čas


The parliamentary factions of the parties of the Hungarian ruling bloc Fidesz-KDNP called on the government to ask the citizens for their opinion on the sanctions against Russia at their exit session in Balatonalmád. According to the Telex server. This was announced on Thursday by the head of the Fidesz faction, Máté Kocsis, the TASR correspondent reports. It should be a continuation of the series of so-called national consultations in the form of questionnaires. Kocsis specified that the questions would concern sanctions in the field of energy, because they cause damage to Europe and put Russia in an advantageous position. “Russia got rich from it and Europe got poorer,” emphasized Kocsis. “European politicians must be convinced that these sanctions should be lifted,” added Kocsis, according to whom this national consultation will be a political tool in the hands of the Hungarian government. Based on the results of the consultation, it would then be possible to adopt a parliamentary resolution, Kocsis said. National consultations in the form of questionnaires sent to citizens were introduced by Orbán’s second government in 2010. Since then, the citizens of Hungary have had the opportunity to express themselves in this form on questions of pensions, the constitution, the social sphere and the minimum wage, and in the questionnaire “Stop Brussels!” also to matters of terrorism, migration, immigration policy or the European Union. The last two questionnaires from last summer and February this year were related to the coronavirus pandemic.



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