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Shocking CONFESSION of a famous handsome man: After the divorce, HE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE! –


Almost a year has passed since the famous TV star Rylan Clark’s marriage with Dan Neal broke up. The couple was a couple for 6 long years, but after the first of the aforementioned confessed to infidelity years later, the end came. “I woke up one morning and decided to tell my current ex that I cheated on him years ago. Walked away. He told me it was over and that was it,” he admitted. Although he cleared his conscience by being honest, the breakup affected him more than he probably expected. In his book Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future, he admitted that he was in a very bad mental state after the breakup of his marriage. And with his other words, he shocked many. He said that he saw no other way out of the difficult life situation than to end it all: “For the first time in my 32 years, I felt that I could not continue any longer.” “So I tried to end it. I won’t go into details because I don’t think it’s fair to my mom, but thank God I didn’t make it,” Rylan admitted. He took a long time to recover from a difficult breakup… And he even ended up in the hospital twice: “I got sick not only mentally, but also physically.” He had problems with his heart, he couldn’t speak, his body literally stopped working. Photo gallery (4) Source: Twitter Shocking CONFESSION of a famous handsome man: After the divorce, he ATTEMPTED SUICIDE!



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