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Drama of Millas: the driver of the bus admitted to a psychiatric hospital after having cracked in front of the victims


Nadine Oliveira, the driver of the bus responsible for the fatal collision with a train in 2017, had to be evacuated by the firefighters after a very trying trial. She was hospitalized in a mental institution. After four “difficult” days in the trial of the Millas accident (Pyrénées-Orientales), the driver of the school bus, who cannot explain the fatal collision with a train in 2017, collapsed this Thursday in front of disappointed and “tired” victims. So much so that Me Codognès, Nadine Oliveira’s lawyer, told our colleagues from L’Indépendant that his client was hospitalized in a psychiatric establishment in Marseille, “but for now, we don’t know until when”. In the large hall of the Marseilles court, where collective accident cases are judged, Nadine Oliveira, 53, tried for the umpteenth time on Thursday to explain what she had seen or not seen before the collision with the train which cost the lives of six schoolchildren and injured 17 others, some of them very seriously. To read also: Mortal collision of Millas: “I saw the barriers lower” … the children who survived the tragedy testify at the bar Long questioned about her daily intake of sleeping pills at the time of the facts, she refutes everything falling asleep: “No, I didn’t fall asleep, I was fine”. She assures that the level crossing barriers were open, which the expert reports formally contradict, but also speaks of a “black hole” at the time of the accident. Suspension until Monday “This black hole is not very very clear and there is something that questions me: you maintain that this barrier is open and then you have a black hole”, questions Me Hélène Castello -Picard, lawyer for several families of victims. To read also: Trial of the Millas drama: “The level crossing was completely closed”, say the experts The defendant cannot answer, returns to the scene after the accident: “When I raise my head, I see the seats”, evoking the violence of the shock in which the bus was cut in two and the occupants and seats thrown out. She then breaks down in tears. Evacuated to a room adjoining the courtroom, she cannot come to her senses, all the more upset that one of the young victims goes to see her. After a few minutes of suspension, the president of the criminal court, Céline Ballerini, announces the suspension until Monday after “a trying week” where everyone dissected “this horrible day of December 14, 2017” with in particular the heartbreaking story on Tuesday of five of the 17 teenagers injured.



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