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The minister can be the director of the church school from Trebišov, the appointment will take place next week – Denník N


After the SaS left the government, the coalition has been choosing the minister of education for twice as long as it was with the other ministers, who have been going to work for the second week and have already completed two government meetings. On Thursday, everything indicated that the successor of Branislav Gröhling from SaS will probably be Slavomír Partila (48), who is the director of the Secondary Vocational School of Services and Industry of St. Josaphat in Trebišov. The three government parties OĽaNO, Sme rodina and Za lúdí met with at least half a dozen candidates during the selection of the new minister. The information about Partil was brought on Wednesday by Markíza television, it was also confirmed by Denník N. The long-time director of the secondary vocational school works as the vice-president of the Association of Catholic Schools of Slovakia, he represents the Košice Archeparchy on the board of the organization. In connection with the selection of the new minister of education, Boris Kollár, the chairman of the We Are Family movement, said on Monday that his condition is that he be a conservatively oriented expert. It is now the turn of President Zuzana Čaputová, who will return from a business trip in New York on Thursday evening. He will probably want to meet the candidate before appointing a new minister. During the appointment of three successors to the SaS ministers last week, the president criticized that it was not possible to immediately come up with a new minister of education. Prime Minister Eduard Heger is acting minister for now. He said in parliament on Thursday that the president will appoint a new minister of education only next week. The fight against the school that let all the children fail Partila did not want to confirm on Thursday whether he will become the new minister of education. He admitted that he made it to the shortlist of candidates, but he could not confirm whether the government sent his name to the Presidential Palace. If the prime minister chose him, he would take the ministerial post. “If they agree with my answers, I can imagine,” he said. He added that so far no one has called him to the Presidential Palace on Friday for an interview with the President. “I am ready to respond to a possible invitation,” he claims. So who is Jozef Partila? At the Secondary Vocational School of Services and Industry St. Jozafáta has been working in Trebišov for 15 years. Since 2007, he was the deputy director, five years later he became the director. In 2004, he received the title of Doctor of Sciences RNDr., he studied mathematics and physics at the Faculty of Science in Košice. In Trebišov, he is running as an independent candidate for the post of local deputy. He is married and has two children. He also joined the fight against the neighboring This article is exclusive content for Denník N subscribers. Are you a subscriber? Log in



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