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Iran: Protesters respond to police repression, unprecedented


Published on: 09/22/2022 – 17:35 They directly attack the forces of order which try to suppress the demonstrations, attack the police vehicles and the government buildings: the Iranian demonstrators show audacity news in the rallies that have been going on since September 16, the day of the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, following her arrest by the wall police. Videos testify to the virulence of their reaction, across the country. Mahsa Amini was arrested on September 13 by the Iranian morality police, the “Gasht-e-Ershad”, responsible for enforcing the laws on the compulsory wearing of the veil in the country. She was taken to hospital just hours after her arrest and died there three days later. The Iranian authorities claimed that she had suffered a “heart attack”, but the statements of the family of the young woman and the analyzes of doctors undermine this version. For the demonstrators, his death is directly linked to the treatment inflicted on him by the morality police. >> READ ON THE OBSERVERS: ‘I will never wear the veil again’: Anger swells in Iran after the death of a woman arrested by the vice squad Protests which began as soon as her death was announced were deadly. According to Amnesty International, at least eight people, including a child, were killed on September 19 and 20. Hundreds more were injured, some losing their sight from their wounds. Riot police did not hesitate to fire live ammunition here and there, alongside the use of tear gas and cannons water. But the repression has so far not undermined the motivation of the demonstrators, some of whom are defending themselves with new fervor in the face of the police. مردم نوشهر قوی دارن میرن جلو#مهساامینی— 𝔐𝔞𝔥𝔰𝔞 (@mahsaalikhaah) September 21, 2022 A video published on Twitter on September 21, 2022 Watch demonstrators jumping and tapping on police vehicles in Nowshahr from Tehran. In Sari, a city in northern Iran, protesters clashed with security forces on September 20. ساری جنگ‌ تن ب تن شده…. with truncheons and advance on a motorbike. In Tabriz, protesters threw stones at riot police vehicles. خالق این زیبایی و شجاعت مردم تبریز هستند.#مهسا_امینی— shima babaei | شیما بابایی (@shimababaeii) September 21, 2022 A video shared to Twitter on September 21, 2022 shows protesters in Tabriz, Iran throwing rocks at riot police. In Amol, they advanced against a line of police vehicles, forcing law enforcement to withdraw. In Rasht, other protesters teamed up to confront police officers. In this video, a Taser-wielding riot police officer is assaulted and violently beaten by dozens of demonstrators, while onlookers cheer on him. تراپی؟
نه گ.اییده شدن ماموران خامنه‌ای توسط مردم رشت رو دیدم.
شما هم ببینید!#مهسا_امینی— Ivar Farhadi (@FarhadiIvar) September 20, 2022 A video posted to Twitter on September 20 shows protesters in Rasht, Iran taking on a police officer. Similar scenes took place in Qeshm, Mashhad or Lahijan and in more than 20 other major cities in Iran, including Tehran. From women’s rights to economic disarray It was women and women’s rights that were behind the demonstrations, but very quickly, the protesters included defiance of the regime and fed up with a situation narrow economy in their claims. Videos show women burning their headscarves and cutting their hair. Others show protesters destroying posters of Supreme Leader Ali Khameini. Two slogans say a lot about the aspirations of the demonstrators: “Woman! Life ! Freedom”, invented during these demonstrations, and “Death to the dictator”, already heard before. The demonstrators also stormed government buildings throughout the country, as well as town halls.— Babak Ghafooriazar بابک غفوری‌آذر (@babakazar) September 20, 2022 A video posted to Twitter on September 20, 2022 shows protesters storming the town hall in Sari, Iran Internet and phone networks Iran has been shut down in an attempt to stem dissent.Authorities have not confirmed the deaths reported during the protests.In a speech on September 21, Supreme Leader Ali Khameini did not comment on the protests. Iranian authorities have said they will investigate Amini’s death, while denying responsibility.



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