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In Saint-Nazaire, Emmanuel Macron promises to accelerate the deployment of nuclear and renewables – Le Figaro


REPORT – Coming to inaugurate the first wind farm at sea, the Head of State confirmed on Thursday that he wanted to go “faster”, a few days before the presentation of a text aimed at accelerating renewable energies. From our special correspondent in Saint -Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique)Emmanuel Macron climbed the steps of the Palace. Like its Elysian version, this “Palace” – that’s its name – welcomes a president on board. But it splits the waters at 18 knots off Le Croisic and La Baule (Loire-Atlantique). It even has a lifeline in case of an emergency. From the upper deck of the boat, this Thursday, September 22, the Head of State inaugurates the “great work” of the EDF teams, which emerged from the waters after 10 years of work: the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm, the first open in France. Around it, 80 propellers rotate in the sky, 180 meters above the sea. “A human and industrial adventure”, welcomes the President of the Republic. The Head of State is so proud of this project that he wants to multiply it: he is aiming for “fifty” offshore wind farms by 2050. This is the meaning of his energy “planning” that he is came to call back, around fifty officials present on board. With one priority: that France go “twice as fast” in the deployment of renewable energies. And “much faster” in nuclear power. It is the only solution, to hear it, to meet growing energy needs – increasing by 40% by 2050, he warned back on land , in a speech delivered in the gardens of the sub-prefecture of Saint-Nazaire. A way of praising his “strategy” of “energy mix”, presented in Belfort in February and “validated” according to him since the war in Ukraine. “All ENR (renewable energies) does not work, all nuclear does not work”, he insisted. Energy crisis In the midst of an energy crisis and calls for sobriety, Emmanuel Macron insists: he is in a hurry. He gets annoyed that renewable energy projects take too long. Brakes must be lifted via a bill expected Monday, September 26 in the Council of Ministers. In particular, it is a matter of limiting the time limits for appeals, which can sometimes be as long as four years. Another text concerning nuclear power must be prepared. Nuclear, solar, wind power: the Head of State takes everything. Including onshore wind, despite strong opposition on the right and the National Rally (RN). He asks to “better concert” so as not to antagonize the populations concerned. But “we will have to do wind power on land,” he warned, calling for “opening the game”. That is to say, to better distribute in France a technology that he considers too “concentrated” in certain areas, in particular Hauts-de-France. SEE ALSO – Are you in favor of the future law to accelerate and simplify the installation of wind turbines?



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