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War in Ukraine, live: half a million people have fled Russia since the start of the war; Germany ready to welcome Russian deserters


Cover image: A firefighter comforts a woman who has just lost her child in the bombing of a bus in the Donetsk region, September 22, 2022. ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO / REUTERS Ukraine and Russia have exchanged prisoners soldiers, the largest since the start of the offensive on February 24. A total of 215 people were released on the Ukrainian side, including 188 “heroes” who had defended the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol (including 108 members of the Azov regiment). Russia, meanwhile, has recovered 55 prisoners, including ex-MP Viktor Medvedchuk, a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, accused of high treason in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin decreed a “partial mobilization” on Wednesday, a measure deemed “urgent and necessary”. Three hundred thousand reservists are initially concerned, primarily citizens with military experience, aged 65 for the oldest. Police arrested 1,332 people during protests following Mr Putin’s announcement, according to OVD-Info, an organization specializing in tallying arrests. In an address to the nation, Mr Putin s is said to be ready to use “all means” in his arsenal against the West, which he has accused of wanting to “destroy” Russia. He accused the West, notably NATO, of being the source of “nuclear blackmail”, reversing the accusations against him. “It’s not a bluff,” he assured. “It is impossible to win a nuclear war and we must not wage it,” replied the American president, Joe Biden, at the rostrum of the UN. We must “hold our line” in the face of the “blackmail” of the Russian president , French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with BFM-TV broadcast Thursday, September 22. The G7 foreign ministers condemned Moscow’s “latest escalation” in the conflict in Ukraine, “including the partial mobilization reservists and irresponsible nuclear rhetoric,” in a statement released overnight Wednesday to Thursday. against Moscow – a word he has uttered fifteen times – forcefully denouncing the invasion of his country by Russian troops and calling for the establishment of a special tribunal to try Moscow “for its crime of aggression against our state. He also called on the UN to withdraw Russia’s veto power. Six people were killed and six others were injured in the shelling of a covered market in Donetsk, the city’s pro-Russian mayor Oleksi Kulemzin said. , Thursday on Telegram.Vitali Kim, the governor of Mykolaiv, detailed on Telegram the damage caused by shelling in the region. Find our direct from yesterday by clicking on this link. Read all our articles, analyzes and reports on the war in Ukraine Chronicle. Alain Franchon: “Presenting the Global South as an anti-Western opposition bloc is a caricature” Story. “I prefer to go to jail rather than to Ukraine”: in Russia, the shock of military mobilization Decryption. Russia: the “partial” mobilization, a military bet far from being won Chat. Emmanuel Grynszpan “The fear of a very negative reaction from Russian society has so far convinced Putin not to carry out a general mobilization” Factual. The announcement of a partial mobilization in Russia, “new sign of disarray” of Vladimir Putin, according to the international community Synthesis. Between Russia and the West, Emmanuel Macron attacks the non-aligned At the UN, Emmanuel Macron castigated the States which claim non-alignment to remain neutral in the face of the war in Ukraine. Video. At the UN, Emmanuel Macron denounces “a return to the age of imperialism and colonies” Tribune. Laura Petiot: “The use of military lexicon makes it possible to justify the diversion of certain legislative processes and tools” Testimonials. “These images of the mass graves of Izioum, these exhumed bodies, this decomposed hand with a yellow and blue bracelet, never leave me”



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