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Favorite for Minister of Education: Of the OĽaNO politicians, I only know Vašečka – SME


Sep 22, 2022 at 5:17 pm I Paid content The nomination surprised me, says Partila. I don’t think I’m disqualified as a manager – says SLAVOMÍR PARTILA, director of the church’s secondary vocational school, about his nomination as Minister of Education. He says that it is necessary to ask the politicians in the coalition whether the fact that he moves in a conservative environment was taken into consideration when choosing him. The fact that Partila is a candidate for the post of Minister of Education was the first to be reported on Thursday by TV Markíza. The article continues under the video advertisementThe article continues under the video advertisement Your name is mentioned as the name of the candidate for the Minister of Education. That’s what I heard too. So you got an offer? It’s in the process of being resolved. As the Prime Minister told the media, there are more candidates. If they move the nomination further, then yes, it’s probably at that stage. How did they come up with your name? Apparently from the circle of people who are from the environment of Catholic education. [email protected] so that we can help you.” data-msg-btn-logout=”Log in as another user” data-msg-btn-close=”Stay logged in” >



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