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No one should have seen this: A PHOTO was leaked just before the parliament was blocked! Matovič with arch-enemies of the government –


VIDEO Today, the Parliament suddenly postponed the discussion on Article 363 until next week: Many already suspected that one thing is happening in front of the cameras and the eyes of the voters, and the other behind the parliamentary curtains. However, it is not clear whether the public expected something similar from Matovič, who for years profiled himself as a fighter against “Smer and Smer 2” (as he called the defectors from Smer led by Peter Pellegrini). But that’s an unexpected part. Just today, Topká managed to get an interesting photo, which probably incriminates both, at first glance, rival camps, of a possible negotiation. In the anonymous picture, you can see Igor Matovič, Petr Pčolinski, Boris Kollár, as well as a long-time member of Smer-SD and later Hlas-SD and ex-Minister of the Economy Petr Žiga. Boris Susko, a member of the Smer-SD parliamentary club, is probably also on the picture. The photo should have been taken early in the morning before the blocking of the plenary session of the parliament itself. He was supposed to discuss the sensitive section 363. But in the end, this discussion was unexpectedly moved to next week, which was criticized by several members of the coalition, such as Juraj Šeliga from Za lyudý and the president of the SaS club Anna Zemanová. Photo gallery (3) Source: Reader’s tip Matovič, who in the picture is evidently discussing with the members of the opposition, while only last week verbally attacked Robert Fico and Petr Pellegrini, who even left the meeting hall in the middle of Matovič’s speech. “Henten hajzel, what was standing here is a modern-day Hitler, because a person who allows the country to be systematically robbed – he and Pellegrini robbed the country for 30 billion euros – does he still want to preach about morality?” Matovič emotionally whispered behind the lectern, looking at Robert Fico. He even gave both of them names like “mafias, thieves” or “murderers”. Photo gallery (3) Source: Topky – Vlado Anjel The amendment of section 363 was postponed today due to great disagreement. The Plenary decided only today, due to Boris Kollár’s statements, that the discussion on several points, including section 363, is postponed until next week, while supposedly this the amendment had a chance to pass. Kollar argued the obstruction in the hall. During the previous vote on the inclusion of new items in the agenda of the meeting, the plenum did not have a quorum, neither the opposition nor We are a family was presented. Several deputies objected to this procedure. Juraj Šeliga (unclassified) and head of the SaS club Anna Zemanová pointed out the agenda. Negotiations regarding the amendment of paragraph 363, which collapsed While the first proposal regarding the negotiation of paragraph 363 failed with a single vote of the deputy for OĽaNO (Igor Hus, editor’s note), many again called today’s negotiation a farce, as there was another blockade of negotiations on this amendment. The second proposal was supposed to be discussed today at 11:00 a.m., but it did not happen. The calculation was simple, and many even expected that the submitted proposal would pass. We are a family has long been among the critics of the amendment of section 363. The joint vote, including the OĽaNO club, today caused the negotiation to be moved to Tuesday of the following week. On Tuesday, however, one of the MPs from Za lúky will not be present in the plenary session, which greatly reduces the possibility that the amendment will be approved.



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