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Shocking images from Russia! Huge crowds of men are trying to escape across the border: VIDEO The situation at the crossings is critical –


Transport in Russia is experiencing a complete collapse. After President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization, people started buying tickets en masse for direct flights to Istanbul or Yerevan. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, there are no longer many countries that accept Russian visas. The prices of the last tickets ranged from 2,000 euros upwards. In the country, they even issued a ban on selling tickets to men who could join the army and fight in Ukraine. Finland Huge columns are forming at the border crossings between Russia and Finland. According to the British Daily Star, they can be as long as 32 kilometers. Russian social media is full of posts from ordinary people trying to leave the country in any way they can. Some even cross borders on their own. Finland drastically limited tourist visas for Russians in September. About 70 percent of Finns want the Nordic country to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians, according to a poll published Wednesday by the Finnish daily Ilta-Sanomat. The Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, which share a direct border with Russia, have already tightened their visa arrangements, leaving Finland, Russia’s last EU neighbor, for Schengen visa holders. Georgia Long lines are also forming at the Verkhnii Lars border crossing between Russia and Georgia. Katie Shoshiashvili, a foreign policy expert, posted on Twitter a convoy of cars on the Russian side of the border, describing the Georgian government as ignoring this wave of Russians trying to leave their country. Those who want to cross the border and run away do not respect the traffic rules. They have no problem entering the opposite direction. As a result, traffic jams were created on both sides of the border. The Verkhnii Lars border crossing is the only way you can legally enter Georgia. All other road transport methods are either illegal or involve a relatively large detour through the territory of Azerbaijan. Mongolia The situation is critical further east as well. On Thursday morning, the Russians stood in kilometer-long columns on the Kyakhta Mongolian border. Kazakhstan The same situation also occurred on Russia’s border with Kazakhstan. The lines at the Kostanay border crossing were several kilometers long this morning. The situation was already starting to get out of control in the evening hours of yesterday. The Samara-Shykent highway was completely blocked. Ex-convicts Putin said that the decision to call up reservists was necessary to protect the homeland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity and to “liberate” Ukrainians. The Russian military has reportedly offered amnesty to convicts serving long prison terms in exchange for six months of combat service in Ukraine. Yevgenij Nuzhin (55), who was serving a 24-year sentence for murder, was one of those who signed up to fight for the “private military contractor” The Wagner Group. After being captured in Ukraine, he said his unit was being used as cannon fodder by the Russian command, adding: “If you didn’t follow orders, they would shoot you”. In addition, he is convinced that it was not Ukraine that attacked Russia, but Putin that attacked Ukraine.



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