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Ivan Kmotrík Jr. ends up in Slovan Bratislava. How coach Weiss changes the club –


BRATISLAVA. Slovan Rok looked like a family club. The owner was Ivan Kmotrík, the CEO was his son, Ivan Kmotrík Jr. Vladimír Weiss became the coach, and his son, Vladimír Weiss junior, became the captain. Kmotrík junior and Weiss junior had an above-standard relationship. Thanks to this, the club’s management brought the Slovak representative to the domestic league turf. Their fathers have been good friends for over a quarter of a century. “Ivan gave me a chance in life like no other. He supported me when it was most difficult for me, when I was kicked out of Košice,” Weiss recalled in 1996 in an earlier interview for SME. “We are still like brothers,” he said. Nevertheless, this connection was no idyll. And it ends with a big dispute. There were disagreements at the beginning. Weiss was already sitting on the Slovan bench from August 2011 to August 2012. He left of his own decision. He sat on the bench for 360 days, only three coaches in the 14-year era of Ivan Kmotrík lasted longer (Ivan Vukomanovič, Martin Ševela and Ján Kozák the younger).He returned after almost a decade. The godfather had already roped him several times, the third time Weiss couldn’t say no. However, he had high expectations. “I want to work here longer. Long term. It’s possible to end my coaching career here,” he said at the first press conference, sitting next to Kmotrík Jr.



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